Pearl DIY Ideas

The other day I came across some pearl beads in my craft supply stash, and I remembered that I had pinned some good DIY ideas using pearls. Here are some of the potential projects I found.

(These looks are all via Pinterest, but I couldn’t find the original sources for any of them–I just got Tumblr blogs. If you know the sources for any of them, please do let me know.)

Usually when I think of pearls the first word that springs to mind is “ladylike,” but I like how these looks take them in a different direction. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with my pearl beads, but I think whatever I do, you’ll see it on the blog soon.

One thought on “Pearl DIY Ideas

  1. Pearl Jewellery says:

    Oh I love this! They look really nice paired together as well. Pearls are a way to get more entrancement in your dressing and in jewelry as well.

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