Creepy DIY Halloween Wreath

Last week I went to the hardware store, and the Halloween stuff was already being replaced with Christmas decorations. We haven’t even gotten through Halloween yet, and what about Thanksgiving?? I’m still working on my Halloween decor, and if you’re in the same boat, this easy DIY Halloween wreath is for you.
Creepy DIY Halloween Wreath

I have to admit, I had no plans to make a Halloween wreath until I saw a pile of black feathers on the curb. My neighbor happened to be getting rid of two black feather boas, and when I spotted them, I immediately thought that they would be perfect for a wreath.

Creepy DIY Halloween Wreath

This little raven, plus some moss, spiders, and fake flowers, just needed a little plastic skeleton (99 cents because he’s missing an arm) to set the scene. I know that just the other day I said that I don’t go in for the typical orange and black Halloween decor, but somehow these faded orange flowers work for me.

Creepy DIY Halloween Wreath

This was surprisingly easy to make, and if you don’t happen to stumble over a stash of black feather boas, you could definitely get a similar effect with a grapevine wreath (maybe spray-painted black?). You’re probably just in time for all of the Halloween accessories to be on sale, so go for it!

DIY Halloween Wreath


Two (approximately) 50-inch black feather boas – If you don’t mind your wreath being less full, you could probably get away with just one.
12-inch diameter wreath frame
Feather crow
Preserved moss
Plastic spiders
Plastic skeleton
Faux flowers
Spider web
Florists wire
Clear filament -Or ribbon or twine, for hanging.


Wirecutters, if your wire doesn’t include a cutter on the package.


1. Tie one end of one of the feather boas to the wire frame, and begin wrapping it around the frame. Push the wrapped feathers together to make the wreath fuller.
DIY Halloween Wreath
2. When you’ve finished wrapping the first boa, push the feathers so that they cover half of the wreath. Then tie the other boa to the frame, and wrap it, too. When you reach the end, tie it to the frame, hiding the rope behind the feathers.
DIY Halloween Wreath
DIY Halloween Wreath
3. Lady out your bird, skeleton, moss, and any other elements of your design, and rearrange them until you’re happy with the look. Attach them to the frame with wire, hiding it behind the feathers.

DIY Halloween Wreath
DIY Halloween Wreath

4. Be sure to hold the wreath up vertically to check how everything hangs, and make sure it’s secure.DIY Halloween Wreath
5. If necessary, tie clear filament, ribbon, or twine around the wreath for hanging.

Creepy DIY Halloween Wreath

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