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DIY Crystal Earrings

This last week has brought us really unpredictable weather in Portland, with intense rain, then sun, then more rain. And more rain. At one point I looked at the five day forecast, and it was “Thunderstorms, showers, rain, rain, rain.” To pass these rainy days, I’ve been working on something that I’m terrible at: Cleaning […]

Rock Crystal Art

This summer when we visited my sister Andrea in Seattle, she took us to the Punk Rock Flea Market, held in a former post office. The place was crammed with booths where people were selling art, vintage clothes, records, comics, t-shirts, etc. You name it, somebody was probably selling it. But my favorite booth by far […]

DIY Crystal Curtain Holdbacks

One of my favorite elements to use in my home is rocks. Which doesn’t sound very attractive, but I’m not talking about any old piece of earth. I prefer chunks of marble, fossils, minerals, and crystals. Mostly they just sit around and look pretty, but these particular rocks have a job to do: holding back […]

DIY Crystal Point Necklace Tutorial

Maybe I’m just craving something new with the change in seasons, but I’m on a jewelry kick lately! A couple weeks ago it was bracelets (here and here), and today I have a necklace DIY to share.

Spiky Crystal Ring

Pamela Love makes the coolest jewelry, but with the cool comes a hefty price tag. So I decided to make my own version of her spiky metal crystal jewelry, in the form of a big cocktail ring. Materials: Small crystals (mine are diamatina “laser wands,” from here and are each 3/4- to 1-inch long) Ring […]