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Weekend Inspiration

Funny story: As you might be able to tell from the above photo of my living room (and projects like geode jewelry boxes, framed rock art, mineral tote bags, soap rocks, and many others), I’m a big fan of rocks and crystals. When we were at the Sou’wester over Valentine’s Day, we chatted with a lady in […]

Weekend Inspiration

This week I shared my chocolate mousse tarts, and they reminded me of a bunch of Valentine’s Day ideas from my archives. This weekend is the perfect time to get your Valentine’s Day craft on, or prep for making treats. Here are some ideas: Spicy chocolate heart brownies | Heart wrist bag | Vintage-Valentine matchboxes | Heart […]

Favorite Projects of 2016

Happy post-Christmas! I hope you had a good celebration. Since I got home from Christmas travels, I’ve been lazing around a bit, planning for 2017. But first I had to look back on 2016, and take stock. I realized that I did a lot of projects this year that I’m proud of, so if you need […]

Weekend Inspiration + May Recap

Now that June is here, I thought I’d recap my May projects and recipes, because I did some fun DIYs in the last month that you might’ve missed. If you’re looking for a weekend project to do or recipe to try, maybe one of these will strike your fancy. What will I be working on this […]