Store Your Jewelry on a DIY Bracelet Storage Display Bar

Since DIY jewelry is one of my favorite things to make, it’s not surprising that I have a big collection to organize. While I’ve shared my solutions for DIY earring storage and necklace storage, I’ve neglected bracelet storage. You could store some types of bracelets on the necklace racks I made, but not the cuffs. So before I leave the world of jewelry storage for a while, I’m sharing how I made an upcycled DIY bracelet storage display bar. It also works for storing watches!

This DIY bracelet storage display is an elegant, simple way to organize your jewelry. #DIY #organization #jewelry #DIYjewelry #homedecor
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July Favorites

Happy Friday! Until I sat down to write this post, I was thinking that I hadn’t done that much in July. But I actually did way more than I realized. Definitely a nice surprise, and better than the other way around!

July 2018 highlights


I put together some really easy tortoiseshell hoop earrings. Along with the first set of tortoiseshell earrings I made, I’ve been wearing these a lot!

Since I need storage for all of my DIY jewelry, I made my own secret hidden jewelry storage, and art to go with it.


It’s been way too hot here lately, so ice-cold strawberry watermelon froses were the perfect way to keep cool.

Already thinking about making another batch of this delicious jalapeno eggless “egg salad” tofu spread.


Make a vertical garden by wall-mounting your plants. #plant #plants #houseplants

Though I made lots of satisfying progress on my breakfast nook makeover, I still need to make cushions!

Over at Curbly, I rounded up 7 ways to build floating shelves (including the two methods I used for my kitchen shelves and breakfast nook shelves.)

If you think you don’t have a green thumb, this list of 5 easy plants you won’t kill is for you.

When I was writing up this piece on how to attract hummingbirds to your yard, I discovered that Spencer Pratt, that guy from the reality show The Hills, is obsessed with hummingbirds. I would never have predicted that in a million years.

For those of us running out of room for plants on horizontal surfaces, I wrote up a tutorial on how to wall-mount plants. Mine are doing quite well on my bathroom wall!

Weekend Inspiration: Summer Edition

This past weekend I was at a backyard barbecue, and I got attacked by mosquitoes. I couldn’t help but think of the citronella candles I made a few years ago, and wish that there had been some around to help protect guests from bites. One thing led to another, and I thought that I should share some of my favorite summer projects and ideas from years past.

DIY Citronella Candles  – Save yourself (and your guests) from mosquitoes!

How to Make DIY Citronella Candles - Keep pests at bay with these homemade mosquito-repelling candles.

Blackberry Coconut Lime Popsicles – Combine blackberries, coconut, and lime for refreshing summer ice pops. (Lots more popsicle recipes here.)

Combine blackberries and coconut milk to make these delicious popsicles.

Sunglasses shelf – Sunglasses a mess? Make this easy sunglasses organizer.

Is your sunglasses collection a mess? Make a DIY sunglasses organizer to display them in style. #DIY #sunglasses #sunglass #display #organize #organizer

Kimchi potato salad – This spicy kimchi potato salad is a delicious twist on a traditional summer favorite.

This spicy kimchi potato salad is a delicious twist on a traditional favorite #kimchi #kimchee #recipe

Caramelized honey miso butter grilled corn – Make this grilled corn, the kimchi potato salad, and some veggie burgers, and you’ve got yourself a full plate of summer flavors.

Carmelized Honey Miso Butter Grilled Corn

Almond Honey Cold-Brew Coffee – Too hot for coffee? Stay cool with honey almond milk cold-brew coffee.
Too hot for coffee? Stay cool with honey almond milk cold-brew coffee #recipe #coffee

Tomato jam – Summer, when local tomatoes are in season, is the best time to make this sweet, spicy tomato jam. I think I’ll definitely be making a batch this weekend!

Tomato jam is a delicious spread that makes a great addition to a summer cheese board.

Are there any summer DIY projects you’d like to see from me this year? I’d love any suggestions! 

Drink of the Summer: Strawberry Watermelon Frose

“Frose All Day” is my new summer motto. Surely I must have seen that on a t-shirt. But I’m much too hot to go to the effort of hunting it down. I think the heat is frying my brain. Is it hot where you are? We’re in a heat wave that is only going to get worse, so drinking a a daily strawberry watermelon frose slushie is just a survival tactic at this point.
This strawberry watermelon frose, made from rose wine and frozen fruit, is the summer cocktail you've been looking for. #rose #frose #cocktail

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Jalapeno Eggless Egg Salad Tofu Spread Recipe

Have you ever moved away from a place with a food that you love, and then found it’s not available in your new home? That happened to my sister-in-law Danielle when she moved from Oregon to Louisiana. So the last time she was visiting, she bought me a tub of something called “Toby’s Lite Jalapeno Tofu Spread,” and asked me to re-create it. A few days ago I perfected my own version, which is like a jalapeno eggless egg salad tofu spread.

This jalapeno eggless egg salad tofu spread gets rave reviews even from non-vegans. Great as a dip, or sandwich spread. #vegan #vegetarian

Before you dismiss eggless egg salad tofu as a hippy-dippy vegan food, Danielle isn’t even vegetarian, and she loved it enough to want to make her own, so give it a chance!
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