Usually shopping is fun. I poke around, try stuff on, and if I’m lucky end up with something I love (and if I’m extra lucky it’s on sale). But yesterday I had to go shopping for the most boring thing in the world: a black suit. Now maybe if I was going for a Marlene Dietrich vibe it might be fun, but as it is I was looking for something to wear to a job interview.

I imagine that since the job isn’t as a cabaret singer a tophat and tails would not be appropriate. And forget smoking in the workplace. I’m pretty sure that’s not even legal in cabarets anymore. No, I was looking for the most basic type of black suit, lacking in flair or personality. Maybe I’m way off, but I get the impression that things are more formal out here than on the West coast, and that a suit would be better than what I would otherwise have worn, a pair of pin-striped pants and a non-matching blazer. Better safe than sorry, anyway. My search for the world’s most boring outfit took me to Banana Republic (too expensive), Ann Taylor (I’m between sizes in their pants), Filene’s Basement (very few options in my size), and finally, The Gap, where I finally found what I was looking for. Not on sale, but that would be asking for too much.

Even though I had to buy the sartorial equivalent of oatmeal, the good news is that I have a job interview that I’m really excited about. Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “Bland

  1. Good luck! If you are successful you can wear that suit to work on days when you want to make a good impression. If you aren’t successful, try to analyse where you need to improve – then save the suit for your next interview.

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