Links I Like

Links I Like

This hairstyle is so cute, and supposedly easy, but I’ve tried to do it twice now and my hair just won’t cooperate. I think maybe it’s just too thick and short. But you should try it if your hair is more suitable.

You are allowed to fail. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of these things when life gets overwhelming.

Did you see the supermoon last night? I did, but only after it had risen pretty high, so it didn’t look too different than normal. It looks crazy in this photo, though!

These ombre napkins are so pretty, and there’s a simple tutorial to make your own. Wouldn’t they be sweet for a wedding?

Since I usually suggest the recipes, I made Steven pick one from 101 Cookbooks to make for dinner. We’re having Spiced Tomato Gratin tonight. I think it’s time to get choppin’ soon!

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