NYC Errands

NYC Errands

One of the few advantages of moving to Massachusetts is its proximity to NYC. From San Francisco or Portland the trip is an expensive five or six hour plane ride (not counting layovers), but now we can drive there in about four hours. We’re planning to go to NYC this weekend to see friends and do a bit of wedding shopping. Unlike most brides-to-be, I’m not going to some boutique to drink tea and try on dresses. No, I’ll be going to fabric stores because I have to make everything more complicated than it needs to be. We’re also planning to hit up a few jewelry shops to look for rings. Here are the places I hope to go, but I’d love more suggestions!

Mood – In my trips to NYC so far I haven’t been to the supposed Mecca of fabric stores, so this is where I’ll start my search for fabric to use to alter my wedding dress.

Since the selection of fabric stores in Boston is so atrocious, Paron Fabrics, NY Elegant Fabrics, B & J Fabrics, and M & J Trimming are all places I’ve never been but am planning to look for fabric and trims. Maybe I’ll even find some materials for new DIY projects!

Catbird – I’m pretty sure we stopped in here on a walk down Bedford Ave. the first time we were in NYC, but I wasn’t looking for rings then. I’ve been browsing their website and they have lots of beautiful non-traditional rings that I’d like to see in person.

St. Kilda – This designer is one whose work I found on Catbird’s site, but having read their very mixed Yelp reviews, I’m now kind of apprehensive about the reception we’ll get here. Still, I love their rings enough to give it a try.

Other than wedding stuff, I’d also like to visit Blue Bottle Coffee Co for a hit of the delicious West Coast coffee that I miss so much. There was a Blue Bottle within walking distance of our apartment in San Francisco, so maybe it’ll help assuage some of my homesickness. I hear there’s also a Stumptown Coffee to represent my other favorite city, Portland. Can I make it to both in one weekend? It might help me accomplish all of the other things on my list. Or I’ll just get the shakes. My caffeine tolerance ain’t what it used to be.

I’m also hoping to have time to visit the Artist and Fleas Market, The Strand, Uniqlo, the Brooklyn Flea, and find some good vegetarian Mexican food (Mexican food in general in Boston is DISMAL). Apparently there’s even a pillow fight in Union Square Park on Saturday and a free NYC Vegetarian Food Festival on Sunday. With friends, food, shopping, and caffeine, how can this not be a fun weekend?

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