Links I Like

Links I Like

I still need to do my taxes. Instead I think I’ll just watch this video of a dolphin and cat snuggling over and over. Via Cute Overload.

Love this tutorial for a beribboned feather brooch. It would make a great hairpiece, too.

These and these ombre tights are gorgeous. I just wish they didn’t cost so much. I love patterned tights, but I can’t justify paying so much for an article of clothing that might not last very long. Anyone ever ombre-dyed tights yourself?

Easter’s coming up, and I’m tempted to crochet this super-cute bunny. I crochet so infrequently, though, that I always have to re-teach myself how to do it.

Did you know that Urban Outfitters is having a “This Into That” contest? All you have to do is upload pictures of something you’ve remade. I’m kind of suspicious that they’re just going to steal all of the ideas and sell them in their stores, but hey, you could win a $1000 giftcard.

This paper marquee letter lamp is such a great idea. I think the hardest part would be choosing just one letter.

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