Lately I’ve been working on a couple of wedding-related projects, and tomorrow I’m headed to Portland for my baby sister’s college graduation. While I’m there I’ll be really busy with graduation and wedding stuff, including seeing our venue for the first time! I have a couple of projects planned for while I’m there that I’m really looking forward to working on.

In addition to working on my wedding dress, the other day I started a guestbook project. Instead of having an actual guestbook, I’m making postcards for people to write on while they’re sitting at the dinner table. I ordered a couple of vintage Oregon-themed postcard folios from an Etsy seller, and I’ve been scanning and resizing and slightly altering some of them. I’m using to print them, because they let you potentially print the front of every card with a different image. I have 30-something different designs, but here are some of my favorites.

I don’t know how old these postcards are, but judging by the fact that the front of the folio asks for 1 1/2 cents of postage, I think they must be pretty old. The postcard rate went up to 2 cents in 1952. The folios also have pretty funny write-ups about Oregon and Portland, including the phrase “You can’t go wrong in OR-E-GON,” which is not how anyone actually from the state says the name anymore.

Here’s the back I made for the postcards, based on an image I found online, asking guests to give us their best advice about marriage. After the wedding I want to somehow bind the postcards together into a book that we can flip through to read the responses.

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