Ten Fun Manicures to DIY

Ten Fun Manicures to DIY

There are few things in life more girly and self-indulgent than fun manicures. Nail art seems to be enjoying a resurgence these days, so here are ten nail looks I love, all of which you can do yourself with supplies from the drugstore. Perfect for a rainy weekend, like the one we seem to be having in Cambridge right now.

1. Blue moon manicure, from The Beauty Department.
DIY manicure blue moon

2. Sparkle-dipped nails, from MaieDae.

3. Geometric doodles, from HonestlyWTF.
DIY manicure geometric nails

4. Leopard-print nails, from SRSLYLIZ.
DIY manicure leopard print nails

5. Mermaid nails, from cupcakes and cashmere.
DIY manicure mermaid nails

6. Ombré nails. No instructions for this one, but all you really need is nailpolish in the same shade but varying levels of saturation.
DIY nail manicure ombre color gradation

7. Mixed metals manicure, from The Beauty Department.
DIY nail manicure gold mixed metals

8. Chevron manicure, from Refinery29.
DIY chevron nail manicure

9. Black on black, shiny and matte via BleachBlack. No instructions, but this one is pretty self-explanatory.
DIY nail manicure shiny and matte

10. Multicolored nails, from Refinery29.
DIY nail manicure multicolored

Are you ready to get painting? Watch out for the fumes! And remember, even if you can’t keep polish on your fingernails, you can always get fancy with your toes instead.

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