Links I Like

Links I Like

Love this post about 10 Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf. I’m thinking I should do a similar demo with my scarves.
10 ways to wear a silk scarf

Isn’t this camera strap lovely? Just follow the tutorial to make one of your own!
camera strap tutorial

Over the years I’ve tried various “healthy” brownie recipes that tout beans as the secret ingredient, but last week I made these, and they’re by far the best. Their second unusual ingredient is a dark stout beer, and if you use a vegan beer (surprisingly, a lot of beer isn’t vegan) and raw sugar, they’re vegan.
bean brownies recipe

If you’re looking for something to do with leftover fringe (perhaps from making this necklace?), you could make some cute fringe earrings.
fringe earrings

Sometimes I can’t believe how many interesting and beautiful blogs there are out there. I’m always coming across new ones, and here are a few I discovered this week:

Do you have any favorite blogs to recommend? Please share!

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