10 Lovely Things

10 Lovely Things

1. A sweet reminder that Spring is (almost!) here from Fashion Gone Rogue.

2. Coral platforms

These look cute and comfortable, which is a winning combo in my book.

3. This gorgeous photo (which as far as I can tell, was an Adbusters cover)
raven photo

4. An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails
guide to cocktails

I found a copy of this sweet guide on sale last week at Anthropologie. They’re sold out on Anthropologie’s website, but you can get a copy at the above link.

5. DIY confetti linen napkins
DIY confetti linen napkins

The colors of these are so lovely!

6. Pretty vintage fabric dresses from Louise Hedley

These seem to be a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses for spring and summer weddings.

7. A bright blue toaster

blue toaster

We got rid of our Hello Kitty toaster (it toasted her face onto bread!) when we moved, so I wish I could have this one as a replacement.

8. Women Travelers: A Century of Trailblazing Adventures

Tired of domesticity? The photos alone in this book look incredibly inspiring.

9.Rose gold pyramid stud ring from Tiny Armor
rose gold pyramid stud ring
Suddenly I’m seeing rose gold everywhere, and loving it.
10. Printed lace raincoat
lace raincoat

I’m pretty sure that this is the prettiest raincoat I’ve ever seen, and since it’s unlikely to stop raining here soon, it seems like a safe investment.

That’s all I have for today. Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

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