Links I Like

Links I Like

DIY blush
I’m kind of secretly looking forward to running out of blush so I have an excuse to make blush from beets.

Aren’t these doodled shoes cute? If I had any drawing talent, I’d be all over this project.

rose petal frozen pops
We had super warm weather last week, and these Prosecco Rose Petal Pops sound like they’d be perfect for keeping cool the next time it heats up. Plus, they’re so pretty!

Check out these amazing hair braiding tutorials! Who wants to have a slumber party with me and braid each others’ hair?

I love these geode bottle stoppers SO MUCH. These are going on my “must make” list.

These twig garden markers are another home DIY project that I can’t wait to try. In fact I just might tackle it tomorrow, especially since I just found the vintage Girl Scout pocket knife that my grandma used when she was a girl.

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