Life in Photos

Life in Photos

Today I thought I’d share some photos of what I’ve been up to lately.
schoolhouse electric
schoolhouse electric
schoolhouse electricWe stopped by Schoolhouse Electric the other day, mainly because I’d heard so much about it online and just wanted to check it out. As expected, it’s lovely, and full of amazing furniture and styling ideas.

schoolhouse electricSome genius turned this vintage Coca Cola drink refrigerator into a record turntable!

soapSteven bought this soap at Schoolhouse Electric, and while the packaging is great, the soap itself is even better. It has a totally refreshing scent, but it’s also made with sea salt, so it’s exfoliating. It makes your skin so soft!

flowers poppies pinkThese are my neighbor’s poppies. Aren’t they gorgeous? That color is so unusual for poppies.

For the most part our garden is pretty utilitarian. We’re growing strawberries, broccoli, cucumbers, and tomatoes, plus a bunch of herbs and other random vegetables scattered through the rest of the yard. This picture is from a week or two ago, and the plants are already much bigger.


This was our biggest strawberry, and it was starting to turn red, but then one morning I woke up and it was gone! I bought bird netting a few days later.


The prettiest part of our yard is probably this pot of succulents and ferns I planted. Most of the succulents were leftovers from our wedding last August that I found sitting in pots in my parents’ backyard, complete with moss that had taken root over the winter.


SlappyCakes is a restaurant in Portland where you can make your own pancakes on griddles at the table. You can order different types of batters and mix-ins. We went there for the first time last week, and it was pretty fun (and delicious).


This pathetic creature is our cat, Adventurous. She had (we assume) a little spat with a neighbor cat, and ended up getting her leg and chest shaved so the vet could find the wound (she never found it). So now she looks ridiculous, and we’ve taken to calling her poodle paw. She doesn’t seem to mind.

That was my week! How was yours?

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