Mixing patterns + wearing a necklace under my collar? Oh yes, I dared. I think it worked out.

I was playing around with some clay the other day and made this teeny tiny pot. I’m thinking I’ll make a tutorial soon.

This nailpolish is eye-meltingly neon (photos can’t seem to quite capture it), but it chips pretty much immediately even with a topcoat. Anyone have any tips on making neon nailpolish stick?

I was outside digging up some weeds a day ago and my neighbor across the street came over to tell me a story about how my cat taunted her dogs, and then offered me this huge bouquet of peonies she had just trimmed from her bushes. They smell amazing.

These Converse I studded last year get a ton of wear. If I ever find a cheap colorful pair they’re coming home with me and getting some DIY stud love.

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