3 DIY Ideas from AllSaints Spitalfields

3 DIY Ideas from AllSaints Spitalfields

Yesterday I was looking at my photos from my recent weekend in Seattle and Vancouver and remembered that while we were in Seattle we stopped in an Allsaints Spitalfields just to check out the store. If you’ve never been in one of their stores, they have some fantastic (but expensive) stuff, and I noticed a few ideas ripe for DIY.

1. I should have included this ripple t-shirt in my bleach project round-up. With an oversized black t-shirt plus some bleach and a paintbrush you could easily replicate this look. I think it would look really cool to do ripples like this on a pair of black cutoffs.

2. The exposed zipper on this dress caught my eye, and then I was even more intrigued when I realized that it’s a separating zipper, so you can wear the top portion of the dress as a bustier and the bottom as a skirt. It would be pretty easy to add a zipper to an existing dress, and then you’d be able to wear it three different ways.

3. This super chunky necklace is made with thick chain with rhinestone links attached with black cord. You could modify a tutorial like this one for a bracelet to get a similar look.

Happy DIY-ing!

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