Post-Valentine’s Day Shopping

Post-Valentine’s Day Shopping

Other than the candy and lingerie (duh), if you like hearts, you can pick up some great stuff in post-Valentine’s Day sales. Flowers are nice, but it’s your chance to get what you really wanted. And there’s no reason you can’t use stuff emblazoned with hearts year-round. I use my heart measuring cups and spoons on a regular basis, and they definitely make cooking and baking just a bit sweeter. Here are some other items that, if we’re lucky, might hit the post-holiday sale bins.

1. Heart mugs 2. Heart spatula 3. Love earrings 4. Lomography Diana camera 5. Heart curio shelf 6. I heart u ring set 7. Mint earrings 8. Heart measuring cups 9. Heart sweater 10. Headphones splitter

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