Favorite Projects of 2018, Intentions for 2019, and Questions For You

Favorite Projects of 2018, Intentions for 2019, and Questions For You

Between dealing with pregnancy exhaustion and writing for Curbly, I have to admit that 2018 brought a bit of a slowdown here at DIY in PDX. I didn’t share nearly as many DIY projects as I wanted to, but I still managed to get some stuff done that I’m really proud of! Just in case you missed anything, here are my favorite projects of 2018. Plus, a big question for you: What do you want to see more of in 2019?

Tortoiseshell Earrings (part 1 and part 2) – When I was Christmas shopping, I saw tortoiseshell earrings like these in every chic little shop I visited. The trend is clearly going strong in 2019.

Make your own DIY tortoiseshell hoop earrings with these easy instructions #DIY #jewelry

My pink door – This was such a huge improvement over the unpainted door, and I’m so glad I did it!

Jumping on the colorful door trend with my pink door. This door was terrible before, but paint made a big difference for the better! #pinkdoor #colorfuldoor

Round black concrete tray – I’m still a big fan of how this minimalist black concrete tray turned out.

Learn how to make this round black concrete tray that looks like lava rock. No one will believe you made it yourself, but it's not difficult to DIY!

Breakfast nook updates – I totally made over my breakfast nook, adding floating shelves, affordable art, updating the light fixture, and painting. I had already forgotten how bare and sad it looked–see what I mean in the before photos here.

Breakfast nook makeover

Sunglasses rack – My husband Steven has a collection of cool sunglasses, but didn’t have a good place to store them, so I made him this simple glasses rack. It was easy to make, and is still doing the job perfectly.

Is your sunglasses collection a mess? Make a DIY sunglasses organizer to display them in style. #DIY #sunglasses #sunglass #display #organize #organizer

Hidden jewelry storage – I finally hit on the ideal way to store my earrings in an accessible, but hidden, way.

Self-watering planter – Do your houseplants need more water? (Here’s how to tell.) I had trouble keeping some of mine properly watered, so I made a self-watering planter, and it’s been a great help! I was just thinking that I need to make a few more.

Need to make sure your plants are watered while you're out of town? Make a super easy DIY self-watering planter from a pot. #plant #houseplants #plants

Hand sconce – This unique light fixture definitely added a little bit of fun flair to a boring room.

Make a playful DIY hand sconce to hold your light. #decor #DIY #homedecor #home #lighting

Round pillow – I have a feeling that I’ll be sewing a few more of these in 2019, maybe for the nursery.

DIY round pillow with exposed zipper

Making goals and setting intentions for the upcoming year is kind of strange for me in 2019, because with a little one due in April, I know my life is going to change in ways I don’t expect. Between feeling sick and tired for months, pregnancy threw me for a loop in 2018, and I’m sure actually caring for an infant will be a whole set of new challenges. But I still have plenty of other stuff I want and need to get done!

First and foremost, there are a lot of projects that we need to finish to get our house ready for a baby. From safety improvements to furnishing and decorating a nursery, there will be tons of practical work to keep me busy before she arrives. But I’d also love to tie up some of the loose ends of projects I started and didn’t quite finish last year, like sewing cushions for my breakfast nook makeover, and staining the wood on that sunglasses rack.

As I mentioned above, I’d love to hear about what you’d like to see more of here in 2019. More home decor? Jewelry? Recipes? Quick craft projects? I’m all ears!

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