Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

How to get your plants ready for the growing season with some spring cleaning.

With just three weeks to go until my due date, these days I’m kind of just waiting on the runway to get cleared for takeoff. It could be soon, or it could be another month. But when we’re not too busy watching the third season of Queer Eye (it’s so good!) I think we’re going to dedicate some of this weekend to making some freezer meals. Do you have any favorite (vegan) freezer meals to recommend?

If your houseplants need a little help after the winter, I have some tips for nursing them back to health in my plant spring cleaning guide.

Love these DIY minimalist brass bookmarks.

These sprouting plates are such a clever way to force bulbs indoors, or use them for propagating your plant cuttings. I think I’d make mine out of polymer clay rather than air-dry clay, though.

Anthropologie is having a one-day 20% sale today, and though it’s frustrating that I can’t really shop for spring clothes right now, I might not be able to resist these sheets.

These deep-dish brownies have been at the top of my desserts-to-make list for a while now. Maybe I’ll finally bake up a batch this weekend!

This Ask Polly column on parenthood is so heartfelt and funny and beautiful.

The spring weather we’ve been having lately has put me in the mood to craft some flowers, like these lovely felt anemones.

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