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Materially Crafted Book Review

It shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me that I have a bit of a craft/DIY book collection. From practical, old-school home maintenance guides, to kitschy ’70s craft encyclopedias, to beautiful, modern books filled with knitting and sewing patterns, my collection runs the gamut. But with so many great tutorials and patterns available online, why do […]


Book Review: One Hour Cheese

There’s a Portlandia skit about how you can pickle nearly anything, which is a gentle ribbing of this city’s general propensity for DIY. Just because you can pickle something doesn’t mean you should, and the same goes for a lot of DIY endeavors. But when it’s this easy, I think you can (and should!) try […]


Craft Book Review: The Sparkle Factory

Tarina Tarantino is known for her playful, glamorous jewelry and accessories. Her unique pieces have undoubtedly inspired plenty of DIY versions, so it’s fitting that she’s released the how-to manual The Sparkle Factory: The Design and Craft of Tarina’s Fashion Jewelry and Accessories. The book features 20 projects, plus sections on how the Tarina Tarantino […]

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