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Pillars of Creation Pillows

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my Etsy shop, Pillars of Creation, but I’m happy to announce that in addition to galaxy-print silk scarves, I’m also now selling nebula-print throw pillow covers. I currently have these three listed: I’ll be making them in three more designs, too, which correspond to this, this, and […]


Free Space Valentine’s Day Printable Cards

I’m pretty excited to share this little project that I’ve been working on. In honor of Valentine’s Day next week, I made these printable cards for you to give to anyone who appreciates a little silly romantic sentiment. Only two of them actually say anything about Valentine’s Day, though, so there’s no reason the other […]


Space is the Place

1. Black Milk Blue Galaxy Dress 2. Christopher Kane Galaxy Chiffon Biker Jacket 3. Christopher Kane Organza Babydoll Dress 4. Nebula/Galaxy Wedge 5. Galaxy Birds Tee 6. Black Milk Green Galaxy Dress 7. Nebula Shirt 8. Black Milk Pink Galaxy Leggings 9. Christopher Kane Galaxy Cardigan I’ve long had a fascination with items of clothing […]

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