DIY Swallow Brooch


DIY Swallow Brooch

Lately everyone and her mother has been going gaga for the Miu Miu spring collection. The satin sparrow print maryjanes are particularly hot, though cuffington’s satin kitty cats are certainly not shabby, either. Though I have been a lover of bird prints (and cat prints–I have the crazy cat lady sweater to prove it) for many years, sadly my fashion fund is not large enough to finance any Miu Miu purchases. Even if you have the cash, getting your hands on this collection isn’t easy, since many pieces are sold out.

When I saw it clipped to her bag, I instantly coveted the glamourai’s Miu Miu snakeskin bird brooch, but I haven’t even been able to find it for sale online. So I did what any self-respecting DIY-er does, of course. I made my own version.

Leather scrap (mine is a furniture sample)
Plastic container
Clothespins or alligator clips

1. Print out your bird template and cut it out. I printed mine on the back of some scrap paper.

2. Using a marker, trace your bird on the back of your leather scrap. Cut it out with sharp scissors.

3. The leather alone would be too floppy for a pin, so you need add a stiff backing. Trace your bird template on a piece of plastic. Mine is the type that cherry tomatoes come in, but I imagine that other kinds would work, too. Cut it out.

4. Coat the back of your leather piece with glue and stick on the plastic. Clamp together with the clothespins or alligator clips and allow to dry.

5. Glue on a pinback.

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    1. Ren, that’s really cool! Thanks for the link. I’ve got some thin cork lying around somewhere. You might’ve just helped me figure out one of my next tutorial projects 🙂

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