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Ok, first things first: I buy plenty of things. New things, even. And I’m not shaming anyone who does the same. But it can be too easy to believe that you can buy your way to happiness, and though it can sometimes work on a small scale, it’s pretty unsustainable for individuals and the planet […]


Free Art for Dorm Rooms and Beyond

(Nearly) free art for broke students has been on my mind lately, because even though I’m not in school and don’t have kids, back to school reminders are everywhere. They’re inescapable! And so I was thinking about the last significant time I went back to school, which was when I moved into college dorms. Decor-wise, dorms […]


Rock Crystal Art

This summer when we visited my sister Andrea in Seattle, she took us to the Punk Rock Flea Market, held in a former post office. The place was crammed with booths where people were selling art, vintage clothes, records, comics, t-shirts, etc. You name it, somebody was probably selling it. But my favorite booth by far […]

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