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DIY Inspiration

Options for Re-Covering a Leather Pouf

If it isn’t obvious from my many re-use projects, I’m a waste-not-want-not kind of person. Getting rid of anything without at least considering how I could upcycle or re-make it is pretty impossible for me (sorry, Marie Kondo!). So even though I haven’t had a good spot in my house for this scratched-up Moroccan leather […]


Weekend Inspiration

This weekend I’m heading off for an island getaway. Which isn’t quite what it sounds like–we’ll be visiting a little island off the coast of Washington for an afternoon of ziplining. It’s a belated birthday trip that’ll also include a stop in Astoria, Oregon, so if you’ve got any Astoria recommendations, send ’em my way. […]


Free Art for Dorm Rooms and Beyond

(Nearly) free art for broke students has been on my mind lately, because even though I’m not in school and don’t have kids, back to school reminders are everywhere. They’re inescapable! And so I was thinking about the last significant time I went back to school, which was when I moved into college dorms. Decor-wise,┬ádorms […]

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