DIY Pearl Safety Pin Earrings

DIY Pearl Safety Pin Earrings

The March 2011 issue of US Vogue had a photoshoot entitled “Punk’d,” and while I wasn’t a big fan of much of it, I did like the Tom Binns necklaces in a couple of photos.

While the necklaces would be easy enough to knock-off with enough chain and pearls, instructions for putting them together would depend on having the same materials, and there’d be a lot of repetition. So this project aims to bring you the same feel, of uptown punk, without so much chain. I like how it’s subtle and a little bit subversive. Plus it’ll take all of about 5 minutes to whip up.

(I had no idea that I have two freckles on my right ear until I saw this photo. Huh.)

7/8″ safety pins
Earring hooks

1. When you buy your pearls, make sure that the holes are big enough to fit onto the safety pin, and that the pin can still close with the pearls on it. What you want are little pearls with relatively large holes.

2. String two pearls onto each safety pin and close the pin.

3. Cut a piece of chain about 1/2″ long.

4. Add a jump ring to the loop end of the pin and attach it to the chain.

5. Attach the chain to the earring hook, either by opening the loop at the bottom of the hook or by using another jump ring.

6. Repeat for the other earring.

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