Striped Boat Neck Shirt


Striped Boat Neck Shirt

This is just about the simplest top you could possibly make, but right after I got the idea to make it, I was flipping through a magazine in the check-out line and saw a spread featuring striped boat neck tees (wish I could remember which magazine). I was inspired by all of the stripes out there in general right now, but I guess this shirt is even more on-trend than I realized.

Striped jersey knit fabric (about 1 yard)
Sewing machine
Measuring tape

1. Carefully matching the stripes at the edges, cut out two rectangles of fabric 22 inches long by 18.5 inches wide each. I had a long narrow strip of fabric, so I actually cut a piece 18.5 inches wide by 44 inches long, folded it in half the long way, then cut the folded edge. These measurements are for a shirt of about a size medium. You’ll have to adjust them if your size is significantly different.

2. On one of the short edges of your rectangle, which will become the top, measure and mark 3.5 inches in from each corner.

3. Using a 3/8 inch seam allowance, sew from each corner to the marks you just made on the top edge. You just made a neck-hole!

4. Measure 9.5 inches down from the top corner of the rectangle and mark that point on each long side.

5. To make the side seams, sew from the bottom edge up to the point you just marked.

6. Optional: Hem the arm holes. You could also hem the neck and bottom edge, though I didn’t. Since it’s a knit you don’t have to worry about the fabric raveling.

There you have it, your new summer/spring top!

striped top

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