Feathered Wedding Hairpiece


Feathered Wedding Hairpiece

In my last post I mentioned the headpiece I made to go with my veil, and here’s the reveal. I knew I wanted to use a vintage rhinestone brooch, so I searched high and low for one I liked and finally found this one in a shop in Portland (3 Monkeys, which I didn’t even know sold vintage jewelry). The shop worker said it was probably from the 1960s. The feathers are new, acquired for very little from New York’s garment district.

It’s tough to see in these photos, but there’s one little purple feather nestled in with the navy blue ones.

With the veil:

To make it I arranged the feathers how I wanted them, then glued them to a felt base in the shape of a heart. I sewed the brooch on top of the feathers to the felt heart with invisible thread, so if I ever want to wear it as a brooch someday it will be easy to remove. Finally, I sewed on the little ribbon bow and glued another felt heart over the first one on the back to hide my stitches. Before I glued it down I cut little slits in the felt heart to hold a hair pin. Here’s a look at the back:

Right now best photos I have of it in use are from the photobooth we had at the wedding.

P.S. Those earrings, that go with the brooch so well? I just happened to spy them at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks before the wedding. I love that they have the same looped motif.

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    1. Catie, thank you! Maybe the vintage vibe reminds you of the Halloween costumes? Or maybe it’s because Steven is in a suit 🙂

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