My DIY Studded Converse


My DIY Studded Converse

This weekend I took the most beat-up of my two pairs of thrifted Converse…

added some silver studs…

and ended up with a fun new pair of shoes.

I won’t tell you this one was quick. Adding all of those studs by hand took quite awhile, and in this heat, I was sweating by the time I was done. But they turned out exactly how I pictured, which if you make things, you know is no trivial feat.

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8 thoughts on “My DIY Studded Converse

  1. Hello! I’ve looked for these studs everywhere but can’t find them! Where did you order them from? Many thanks! The shoes look great! x

    1.  Jess, they don’t, and I’ve walked in these a lot. You just have to make sure to turn the prongs down into the fabric, and you shouldn’t be able to feel them.

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