Knit Handwarmers


Knit Handwarmers

Over this weekend Steven and I went to NYC, this time so that he could speak at a conference. It was a fun trip, but I could have done without the freezing rain/sleet/snow all day Saturday. It certainly underscored the importance of cozy knit items to keeping warm in the winter. The train rides to and from the city gave me an opportunity to finish the knitting project I’ve been working on. Usually when we visit NYC we spend a lot of our time in Brooklyn, since that is where most of our friends live. This time we were staying in Soho, and when a friend and I bumbled around town there we came across Purl Soho. I had never been in the store, but I was using this pattern from their blog to knit armwarmers.

I started this project after seeing these at Urban Outfitters and remembering that I had some similar yarn in my stash. The problem was that after I finished one armwarmer the thrifted, unlabeled ball of yarn that seemed giant when I began was diminished to the point that I wasn’t sure I would have enough yarn for a second one. Even though Steven and I both agreed that the ball of remaining yarn seemed heavier than the completed armwarmer, I didn’t want to get partway through and run out of yarn. Since I didn’t have a kitchen scale and didn’t want to buy one, this project stalled until I snuck in to Bed Bath and Beyond and used their digital kitchen scale floor models to confirm that I had plenty of yarn left. I felt rather pleased with myself for coming up with that solution.

I guess the moral of the story is, make sure you have enough yarn to complete your project before you start it, or come up with sneaky ways around it.

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  1. The Post Office is also a good source of scales to weigh less than a pound of yarn accurately…

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