Pi Day

Pi Day

Did you know that Pi(e) Day is coming up on March 14 (3/14)? If you’re not familiar with that very nerdy holiday, it’s the celebration of the mathematical constant, π, or the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, which comes out to be 3.14 (plus a lot of other numbers). Given the name and the involvement of circles, it seems only appropriate to celebrate the day by eating pie. Oh, what’s what? It’s just an excuse to eat more pie? How could you possibly suggest such a thing!

1. The creator of Pi Day, Larry Shaw 2. Flickr 3. The Pioneer Woman’s tips for perfect pie crusts 4. Martha Stewart’s Lemon Cream Pie 5. Pinterest 6. Irish Car Bomb Pie

Since I don’t want to mess around with a pie crust, and I’m in the mood for something on the lighter side, I think I’m going to make this Lemon Cream Pie to celebrate.

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