Outfit Post: Interrupting Cat

Outfit Post: Interrupting Cat

I was trying to take photos of what I wore today, when I got photobombed.

Little Miss Adventurous decided that she wanted to be in the photos, too.

(Although she didn’t want to be held, clearly.)

Blouse & cardigan: Secondhand (Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads)
Pants: Target
Shoes: Vintage Coach, thrifted

We got Adventurous from a cat rescue organization in San Francisco when she was just over a year old and had already had a litter of kittens (she was a teen mom, how scandalous!). She has been an indoor cat the entire five years we’ve had her, until last week. Although she has always loved to run out our front door, previously the only place she could escape to was the hallway of apartment buildings (though she did once sneak into someone else’s apartment, unbeknownst to us or them). Since we moved into my parents’ house in January, though, she has been tantalized by all of the outdoors that is just beyond her reach. She has cried at doors and tried to dig her way out, all the while biding her time for the perfect opportunity. And then there it was: I left the door open too long while letting the dog in, and she made a run for it. She streaked across the yard, climbed 20 feet up a cedar tree, and then backed down before we had a chance to worry that she’d be stuck. That was enough to make her point. We decided to try letting her go outside, and so far it’s been fine. She mostly stays in the backyard and adorably follows us around when we’re outside, purring. The crying and digging at doors has stopped and overall she seems like a much happier cat. I guess you can take the cat out of the outdoors, but it’s pretty hard to take the outdoors out of the cat.

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