Kitchen Update

Kitchen Update

Sorry for falling down the rabbit hole a bit there, guys. The truth is that ever since I started painting my kitchen, I’ve been doing very little else during my waking hours. Prepping, painting, and sanding has all been super time-consuming, and I’ve been obsessed with getting this project done. To the point where I fall asleep thinking about what I need to do next, and it’s the first thing I think about when I wake up. I think I’m so obsessed because I hate what a disaster zone my kitchen/spare room/dining room has become as a result of the project. We dumped everything that was in the kitchen into those two other rooms, so cooking meals has become impossible. I don’t know how people doing “real” kitchen remodels deal with the chaos for much longer time-frames.

Saturday was my birthday, and I spent most of it sanding and painting, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. There was a nice dinner out in the evening, but then I came home and painted some more. The good news is that the painting on the cabinets themselves is all done. They look like this now:
kitchen makeover progress

Painted, but missing the doors and drawers. Because the painting of those (with a sprayer) is in process. Which is requiring all kinds of problem-solving, mainly relating to where to put so many doors and drawers to dry. Our single-car garage isn’t enough space, but tiny bugs like to commit suicide in the wet paint when I put things outside to dry. So it’s taking awhile.

Also, Murphy’s Law was proved true once again when I peeled off the blue painter’s tape protecting the walls from the cabinet paint, and in a couple of places, the worst of which you can see above, the paint peeled right off the wall. I had just repainted the walls a week ago, so I’d blame that, but all of the paint, down to the drywall, came off in those patches. I think it must be something about the way those walls were originally primed (or not) back when they were first painted. But I’ll just touch them up when I deal with this:

kitchen makeover progress
(See? A giant mess everywhere.)
This is the cabinet that we’re taking down to put in open shelving. Here is what it looked like before we started the project:
kitchen before
We had no idea what we’d find behind the cabinets once we pried out the 4-inch nails holding them up. A hole in the wall? Filled with treasure and/or mouse droppings? Nah, just green unfinished/stained drywall in need of repair. Me and drywall paste are going to be getting acquainted soon. On the upside, we found wood for the shelves we’re going to put in here, so when I get it all fixed up and painted, we at least can look forward to putting those up.

We’ve made a ton of progress, and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I hope to be back to posting more regularly soon. There will definitely be a big kitchen update when we finally finish painting everything.

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