10 of My Favorite Projects of 2017

10 of My Favorite Projects of 2017

When you’re in the middle of it, it can be easy to take for granted everything that you do in a year. Going through my projects from 2017 made me appreciate that I made some cool stuff in the last year, though! In no particular order, here are my ten favorite projects of 2017.

Brass monstera leaf earringsΒ – I still love these statement earrings, and wear them regularly.
Plant ladies, learn how to make your own brass monstera leaf DIY earrings

Suitcase record playerΒ – We’ve really enjoyed collecting and playing records on this suitcase record player. After our cats jumped on it a few times while it was playing a record (eek!), I did have to modify it slightly to make it so the top can close while it’s on, though.
How to convert a vintage suitcase to hold a record player

Mounted staghorn fern – This little guy has been thriving in my bathroom.

Feminist candles – These candles are a daily reminder that women’s rights are more important than ever.
Stick these free printable feminist candle labels to the candle of your choice, and get a designer-candle look that makes a statement.

Test tube plant propagation vaseΒ – If you’re of the mindset that the more plants, the better, you can use this vase set to help you propagate your plants from cuttings.

Make a Test Tube Vase Plant Propagation Station

Pompom earringsΒ – You can make these fun statement earrings in your favorite color combo.
Make your own DIY pompom earrings #DIY #GiftIdea #DIYJewelry #statementearrings

Reversible marble and wood serving board – I use this all the time, most recently for serving these peppermint brownies at a party.
Can't decide between marble and wood for your serving board? You don't have to if you make this reversible marble and wood serving board. This project is super easy if you have a few basic tools, but the outcome is really beautiful.

Closet makeover – Practically every day I think about how glad I am that I gave my closet this makeover. Even though it was a lot of work, it’s so much better to use that it was totally worth it.
DIY walk-in closet makeover

Floating wood shelf – I couldn’t find much good info on how to hang solid floating wood shelves, so after I figured it out for myself, I made this tutorial on how to do it using a shelf in my closet as an example.
How to hang a floating solid wood shelf, perfect for hanging live-edge shelves. You can do it yourself, even if you're a beginner!

Catio – I’m still excited to see whether my cats become outdoor addicts in the spring when they get to go out in the enclosure I built them.
Want to let your cats outoors, but keep them protected? Check out these tips and advice for building a catio.

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4 thoughts on “10 of My Favorite Projects of 2017

  1. You’ve been busy! And the things you’ve itemized here are all so useful AND lovely πŸ™‚ I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing – creating a record of everything I made and accomplished in 2017. It’s so easy to forget and focus only on what’s ahead but good planning for the future does involve a glance backwards too. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones – I hope 2018 is even better than you can imagine πŸ™‚

    1. Kathleen, yes, you should totally do it! It helped me appreciate my work in 2017 way more, and I bet it would do the same for you. I hope you have a wonderful 2018!

  2. Some of these are my favourite Posts of yours too! It’s such a nice way to recap the year – love hearing what you personally loved most πŸ’• Looking forward to more in 2018 😊

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