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Soyrizo and Spinach Hash Brown Waffles with Sriracha Syrup

Did you know that you can put more than regular waffle batter in your waffle iron? These soyrizo, spinach, and hash brown waffles are a delicious gateway drug to the world of wafflizing. The Will it Waffle? blog (and cookbook) will blow your mind if you’ve never considered other possibilities for your waffle iron. Another […]


Recipe Remix: Chocolate Coconut Granola

The only question with this chocolate coconut granola is, breakfast or dessert? My answer: Why choose? With milk or yogurt it’s breakfast, and with ice cream, it’s dessert. I recommend strawberries either way.  No matter what you eat it with, this dark chocolate granola is very addictively delicious. One night a couple of weeks ago I was […]

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