DIY Flower Pin

DIY Flower Pin

It may not feel like it to some of you poor things in colder climes, but spring is in the air. Or it will be soon, I promise. If winter seems like it will never end, perhaps a cheery flower pin will help lift your mood. They’re certainly popping up everywhere these days, as you can see from this little round-up I put together. Making your own, however, is inexpensive and almost as easy as buying one.

Clockwise from top right:

Anthropologie Full Bouquet Clip
J. Crew Chiffon Flower Pin
White House|Black Market Pearl Dust Flower Pin
J. Crew Satin Pop-Flower Pin
Anthropologie From A Seed Clip
Urban Outfitters Chiffon Flower Clip
White House|Black Market Pink Flower Pin (The beads in the middle of this one remind me of mine, but I didn’t even see it until after I’d finished this project.)

Chiffon fabric
Tulle fabric
Sewing machine (optional)
Beads or button

1. Cut a strip of your chiffon and another of the tulle approximately 3 inches wide by 36 inches long. No need to be super exact.

2. Pin the tulle on top of the chiffon, and using a long stitch on your machine, sew them together down the center. Don’t backstitch at the beginning or end of the seam! You could easily do this by hand, if you don’t own a sewing machine.

3. Grab one of the ends of the thread at both ends of the fabric and gently pull to gather. As you do this your fabric will tend to curl in on itself. Wind it into a nice flower shape.

4. Thread a needle and on the back side of your flower, make several stitches to secure the layers of fabric to one another.

5. With the same needle and thread, sew pearl beads to the front center of the flower. A pretty button would also look nice.

6. Sew or glue a pinback or hairclip (or both!) to the back of your flower. Trim off any loose threads.

7. Pin it to your lapel and pretend you picked it from your beautiful backyard garden.

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