DIY Halloween Terrarium

DIY Halloween Terrarium

DIY Halloween terrarium

After I finished making this little Begonia rex kokedama last week, I started thinking about how the dark purple leaves would make it a good fit for a Halloween terrarium. So I spent a few minutes styling this one up, and I have to admit that it turned out really fun. Want to make your own? Here are some quick instructions. 

DIY Halloween terrarium

DIY Halloween Terrarium


Glass container – Mine is similar to this one

Plant with its roots encased in moss – See my easy kokedama instructions here

Additional moss -I used preserved Spanish moss

Various small Halloween decorations like plastic snakes and spiders – This looks like a fun assortment!

DIY Halloween terrarium supplies

I just stuffed the bottom of my terrarium container with moss, then put the plant on top.  You can also add rocks and sand to the bottom of the glass, though I skipped that this time.

DIY Halloween terrarium

Then add whatever spooky Halloween decorations you want. I went with plastic spiders and snakes, and these weird little plastic hands I found at a local reclamation shop. You should be able to find similar stuff at a craft store, or in Halloween decor aisles. Although I’m not sure where to find your own doll arms, other than chopping them off an old doll. That’ll get you in the Halloween spirit, ha!

DIY Halloween terrarium

Little bones, skulls, and crystals were all on my list of stuff to add–maybe they’ll make it into next year’s Halloween terrarium. 

A few years ago, I also made the little pumpkin planter from a fake styrofoam pumpkin. I just used a serrated knife to carve out the top of the pumpkin, the same way you would a real pumpkin. I think I had to carve out the styrofoam insides a bit, too, since it’s not hollow like a real pumpkin. Here’s what it looked like before I gave it a coat of black chalkboard paint.

DIY pumpkin planter
DIY Halloween terrarium

What do you think, are you ready to whip up a Halloween terrarium of your own?

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