Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

This weekend I have plenty of projects I’d love to take on. My yard needs to be cleaned up to prep for the winter (and I’m going to plant garlic and fava beans), I have some things I need to make for Curbly and this blog, and I even want to start tackling some nursery plans. But even though I’m feeling pretty good these days relative to the first trimester, fatigue tends to slow me down quite a bit. Plus I have to stop and eat constantly, ha! It’s kind of frustrating for someone who’s used to getting more done, but understandable that my body is busy with other work. 

Speaking of, this article about our culture’s disdain towards motherhood definitely had me re-examining some of my attitudes and assumptions about women who are mothers. It’s worth a read, even if you’re not a mother, because of what it points out about attitudes towards women in our society. 

This patterned vase is a cool DIY take on a fun trend. 

I really enjoyed this piece on life lessons from older women

After writing this roundup of modern rattan pieces, I kind of want to add a few to my home. Are you tempted?

Recently while on a trip I stumbled upon this book, and I was so impressed that I ordered a copy as soon as I got home. It’s super inspiring, and even though I’m not even halfway done reading it, I already want to re-invent my whole look. 

This vegan deep dish veggie pizza looks amazing. Definitely need to try it soon!

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