Blood Orange Poppyseed Loaf Cake

Buying produce because of how pretty is it is something I try not to do too often, but once in a while I give in. This time the lure wasn’t so much the produce itself, but the knowledge of what I could make with it. And this blood orange poppyseed loaf cake didn’t disappoint. I mean, come on, that pink icing is ridiculous.
Vegan blood orange poppyseed loaf cake is a showstopper with that pretty pink icing. #vegan #baking #eggfree #dairyfree #recipe

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Quick Plant Stand Hack

I know I’m not the only one who has trouble resisting the dollar spot area at Target. It’s just too good, right? Often I avoid them entirely because I know I might get sucked in, but this time I was glad I did, because I spotted the perfect item to hack for plant stands.

This super quick plant stand hack helps you give your plants a little extra height. #plant #plants #houseplants #DIY

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Make a DIY Round Pillow with Exposed Zipper

I couldn’t really decide what to call this this DIY round pillow. Half-and-half round pillow? Half-split round pillow? Let me know if you think of a good name for it! Whatever you call it, it’s a fun way to play with pattern and color, and use up scraps of cute fabric. Or have an excuse to buy more fabric, which we always need 😉
This DIY round pillow with exposed zipper is a fun way to play with pattern and color, and use up scraps of cute fabric! #DIY #sewing #homedecor #tutorial #pillow #cushion
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Keeping up with DIY in PDX

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

spider web

Like a lot of people, lately I’ve been struggling to figure out the best ways to connect with other people online. Social media and the internet seem to be in a really weird place right now, and I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to participate (or not). My personal choices are complicated by needing to connect people with DIY in PDX, so I thought I’d go over the best ways to keep up with me and my projects.

If you’re like, “What’s an RSS feed?” I’ll go over some of these options and my thoughts below, but here’s the short version.

Best Ways to Keep Up with DIY in PDX Blog Posts

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Social media reservations aside, I’m very grateful to anyone who takes the time to read and follow DIY in PDX, and love connecting with readers! In person, too–shoutout to the gal who said hello in the grocery store the other day 🙂

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Make an Easter Centerpiece Egg Planter

As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to holiday decor, the more plants, the better. So I’m glad that this egg planter kills two birds with one stone, because while it would be a cute Easter centerpiece, it can also help you propagate your succulents, and save them from their lanky winter state.

This cute Easter egg planter centerpiece does double-duty as table decor and a spot to propagate succulents. #Easter #plants #planter #houseplants #succulents

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Hanging Curtains Right to Make Your Windows Look Bigger

Alternate post titles: “Why I’ve Moved My Curtains More Times Than I Can Remember,” “Hanging Curtains Right: What Not to Do,” “My Biggest Design Mistake In My House,” or “How to Learn From My Mistakes and Hang Your Curtains Right The First Time.”

Hanging curtains right the first time

I know that hanging curtains might not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, but it’s one that made a big difference when I finally got it right. I really honestly can’t remember how many times I moved these curtains before FINALLY getting them to a place I’m happy with. Want to learn from my mistakes?

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