Breakfast Nook Update Inspiration

A few days ago I was idly browsing my Instagram feed, as ya do, and an image stopped me dead in my scroll. It was this beautiful breakfast nook from this apartment tour.
Breakfast nook inspiration

“I have a breakfast nook,” I thought to myself. “Why doesn’t it look anywhere near this good?” My breakfast nook is currently pretty boring, and most of the time it’s covered in my clutter, so if it’s news to you that I have a breakfast nook, that’s why I’ve never blogged about it. I was so intrigued by this one, though, that I fell down a Pinterest rabbit hole of breakfast nook inspiration. There are some seriously beautiful breakfast nooks out there, and now I have a bunch of ideas for my next project, giving mine a makeover. Check out the before, and some gorgeous breakfast nooks I’ll be drawing inspiration from.

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Weekend Inspiration

Lately I’ve been in a bit of a slump creatively. I’m not really sure why, but I think I’m getting back on track with some new projects and ideas. This weekend I’ll be working on one of them, which involves the little breakfast nook right around the corner from these open shelves in my kitchen. You can see the plants back there on the left. Right now it’s more of a plant nursery than anything else, but I’d like to give it a little makeover. Don’t worry, most of the plants will get to stay!

kitchen open shelves

I love this DIY all-seeing eye mirror so much that I’m thinking about making one this weekend. (Which is saying a lot, because I don’t often make other peoples’ DIY projects.)

If you haven’t gotten your dad a Father’s Day card yet, these colorful free printable Father’s Day cards might save your butt. Here are some more minimal ones, too.

Summer solstice, the official start of summer and the longest day of the year, is coming up next Thursday. You could use this weekend to plan your solstice party with these ideas I rounded up.

Really good advice for “smart kids” as grown-ups. So much of this rang true for me.

I’ve been admiring this dress from afar for a while, and I have a wedding to attend in July that might be the perfect excuse to buy it. What do you think, is it wedding-worthy?

Furniture Tweak: Spray Paint to the Rescue

Did you watch Trading Spaces back when it was first on? I totally did, and lately I’ve been binge-watching old episodes, and the new ones that just came out (the free ones on the website, and the rest on Amazon). Those designers really know the transformative power of spray paint. If you’re a DIY-er, I probably don’t need to tell you why spray paint is so great for when you want to change an item’s color. It has been a while since I’ve used it for a furniture makeover, though, and I thought I’d give you a peek at my satisfying before-and-after of a side table. Here it is before:
Side table before spray paint
Click through for the after

DIY Driftwood Dreams

I’m headed out to the Oregon coast for a few days, and the last time I was out there, I brought home a little stash of driftwood. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with it, but I vaguely remembered pinning some potential driftwood projects. So I sifted through my pins, and found some intriguingly modern ways to use it that don’t involve any beach-themed rooms. I’d love to know whether you think I should give one of these driftwood projects a try when I get back.

Ideas for ways to use driftwood that works with modern decor. #DIY #driftwood

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How to Make an Easy DIY Jewelry Storage Rack

Recently I decided to rethink my jewelry storage. For the past few years I’ve been using pegboards for most of my jewelry, but I realized I wanted something that looked a bit more streamlined and less busy. Because I’m super picky, I had to figure out how to make my own darn jewelry storage. Eventually I came up with this necklace storage rack that I’m really happy with. I even added a cute little shelf. If you get your wood cut at a hardware store, you could make this with just a drill, so it’s an easy, totally customizable way to store lots of necklaces.

DIY jewelry storage rack

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Weekend Inspiration

Happy Friday! Since I had surgery on my knee and hip on Monday, this has been a weird week for me. I’ve spent most of it laid up in bed, on lots of painkillers, which means I really haven’t gotten much done. Luckily my dear husband has been taking great care of me. Despite being a little bit loopy and feeling not-so-great some of the time, I’m healing up, and looking forward to someday having a leg that works better.

This week the first piece I wrote for Curbly went live, about stupid and expensive mistakes I’ve made as a first-time homeowner. In the hopes of saving other people from making similar mistakes, I got real about some dumb stuff I’ve done in my home.

Tanya’s beautiful results have me dying to try out alcohol inks. Luckily she goes over everything you need to know to make your own alcohol ink art.

These linen pajamas sound dreamy.

Wow, what a gorgeous DIY headboard.

I posted about DIY embroidery kits recently, and if you’d like to try out a simpler version, this cute embroidered monstera leaf wall art would be a great place to start.