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Happy Friday! This will seem like a random question, but have you seen the movie A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night? If you haven’t seen it, it’s hard to describe, but “the first Iranian Vampire Western ever made,” sums up some of its unique elements. I don’t normally care about vampire or horror movies, but I liked it a lot. The director, Ana Lily Amirpour, has a new movie that will be showing at a film festival at a ski lodge nearby on Mt. Hood. The Shining used the very same location, Timberline Lodge, for the exterior establishing shots of The Overlook Hotel, so it makes sense that it’s a horror film festival called The Overlook Film Festival. Anyway, we got tickets for a showing this weekend, so we’ll be driving up a mountain to watch a horror movie in a ski lodge. (If you want an idea of what the lodge and mountain are like, my brother also got married in part of the lodge last year.) Should be a fun little trip!

These sequin-trimmed baskets look like such an easy, cute project.

Sweet multi-colored pompoms make adorable bag charms.

A real problem would be deciding whether to shower in here or in here. If only we all had such a tough choice!

Ditch disposable plastic bags in favor of this chic faux leather DIY grocery tote.

This strawberry rhubarb sangria has me looking forward to summer berries, and backyard patio hangouts.

Spicy Curry Sweet Potato Noodle Ramen

In the last couple of years, Portland has gone crazy for ramen. We have cult ramen restaurants from Japan (something about the water here being the right pH for good broth), but plenty of smaller, local places, too. The vegan ramen at many of these places, if they even have it, is usually an afterthought, though. So I decided to make my own flavorful plant-based version.
Flavorful, plant-based spicy curry sweet potato noodle ramen
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Hummingbird Feeder Ant Moat

Do you have a hummingbird feeder? I have two, because hummingbirds are super entertaining, beautiful birds to watch. They have so much personality! This winter, when it was below freezing for weeks, I even cycled the feeders in and out of the house so that the birds would have unfrozen food. (I might be turning into a crazy hummingbird lady.) A problem that cropped up the first spring I had feeders, though, is that ants marched all the way up to the feeder, and went nuts for the sugar water. Neither I nor the hummingbirds liked that, so I found a way to build an easy hummingbird feeder ant moat to prevent ants from being able to get to the food.
Are ants eating your hummingbird food? Make this easy hummingbird feeder ant moat to keep ants away!

I made my very first hummingbird feeder ant moat out of a wine cork and a shaving cream lid, and I didn’t use a drill, so it was even simpler than this one. After a couple rounds of making these for my feeders, I’ve refined the design a bit, and one of the best things I’ve found to use for it is plastic Easter eggs. So I thought I’d better get this out there while you might still have some leftover plastic eggs sitting around (or be able to pick up some on clearance.) This isn’t the most photogenic DIY, but it might be useful if you have problems with ants in your sugar water.

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How To Hang a Floating Solid Wood Shelf

When I was trying to figure out how to hang the live-edge floating shelves in our kitchen, I had a lot of trouble finding instructions and hardware for hanging a floating solid wood shelf. There are plenty of tutorials for floating shelves, but they’re the kind that are built from scratch, and have the hardware concealed inside a wood box. That doesn’t work if you’re just trying to attach a solid slab of wood to your wall with hidden hardware. Even the place I bought the wood didn’t have any advice, but they asked me to tell them how I ended up doing it. Obviously I eventually figured it out, but aside from sharing the hardware we used, I didn’t do a full how-to for hanging floating live-edge shelves. So if you’re trying to hang floating solid wood shelves, here’s how to do it.
How to hang a floating solid wood shelf, perfect for hanging live-edge shelves. You can do it yourself, even if you're a beginner!

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