Gingerbread Apple Muffins with Walnut Oat Streusel Topping

These gingerbread apple muffins began as a way to use up some apples that were languishing in the bottom of my fridge. They came in my CSA box, and were Golden Delicious, a type that’s perfect for baking but that I’m too fond of eating plain. Having just made an apple crisp, though, I wanted to figure out something new to make with them, and muffins came to mind. Plain apple muffins seemed kind of boring, but I thought spicy gingerbread apple muffins would be just the ticket.

Gingerbread Apple Muffins with Walnut Oat Streusel ToppingAnd they were! The spicy gingerbread isn’t too sweet, but complements the apples perfectly.
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DIY Brass Hand Earrings

If you’ve been wanting some statement earrings, I’ve got just the project for you. These brass hand earrings are artsy and intriguing, and while they might look complicated to make, they’re not really, at least not with help from my tutorial and template.
Make your own brass hand earrings with this tutorial #DIYMake your own brass hand earrings with this tutorial #DIY
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Dining Room Tweaks

A few weekends ago, Steven and I picked out a new rug for our dining room, and it improved the room so much that I decided that I should share an updated tour of the space. It’s really a testament to how much of a difference the right rug can make.

Navy blue and blush industrial mid-century dining room

Navy blue and blush industrial mid-century dining room

Until I was looking at old pictures to put this post together, I hadn’t realized how much my dining room has changed. In the two years since I last shared photos, we’ve made a bunch of small tweaks that have really added up to a more finished-feeling room. And while I’m sure it’ll continue evolving, it’s come a long way.

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Weekend Inspiration

This week I shared how to make graphic statement t-shirts with stencils and iron-ons, a recipe for vegan slow cooker lentil, kale, and carrot curry, and an article I wrote about what I’ve learned from owning an old house went up on Apartment Therapy. I’m looking forward to this weekend, because my grandma is visiting, and I’ll get to see one of my sisters try on wedding dresses. I’m sure I’ll fit in some time for projects, too. Here are some I’m eyeing.

Love these ideas for zero waste fall decorations.

Speaking of zero waste, make these concrete pumpkins, and you’ll never need to buy another mini pumpkin for the rest of your life.

Get ready for Halloween by printing some fun free printable floral skull art.

Bake a cute Halloween black cat cake.

Who else wants to move into this rustic cottage full of charming details?