8 Easy Upgrades Worth Doing While you Wait to Remodel

This weekend, I fell into a home repair quagmire that I didn’t see coming. I ended up devoting hours and hours to sprucing up a bathroom that we plan to tear up and completely re-do in the near future. What happened? Well, it’s kind of a long story, but it got me thinking about fairly inexpensive fixes that are worth doing while you wait for the “real” remodel. From the paint color to the organization, you can make things a lot more pleasant for yourself while you save up for a big bathroom renovation, and a lot of these ideas would be perfect for renters, too.

8 Easy Upgrades Worth Doing While you Wait to Remodel

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Make a Test Tube Vase Plant Propagation Station

Judging by some of the amazing indoor jungles I’ve come across lately, it’s not really possible to have too many plants in your house. But building up your jungle with store-bought plants can get expensive fast. That’s where the ability to propagate your plants yourself can come in handy. Many plants can be propagated simply by sticking a leaf or stalk in water. (I’ll share a post soon with details and tips on easy plant propagation.) You can always use a random glass or bottle, but this test tube vase propagation station is a much more stylish solution. Or, if you don’t want more plants, you can just use it as a bud vase.

Make a DIY test tube vase plant propagation station.

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Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

Is it just me, or is it a lot harder to figure out gifts for the men in your life than the women? Men in general are hard enough, but dads, unless they have some specific hobbies or wishlists, seem especially difficult to come up with gifts for. Here are a few Father’s Day DIY gift ideas that might work for the dads in your life, and there’s still time to get them made before Father’s Day next weekend.

Diy gift ideas for dads (or any man in your life).
Beard balm – One of my biggest DIY hits, according to my husband Steven. He also endorses using a bit of this balm as hair wax.
Leather handle cutting board – Fancy up a cutting board with leather and brass.
Suitcase record player  – If your dad doesn’t still have his record player from back-in-the-day, it might be time to revive his love of vinyl.
Leather organizer bin – Give him a place to put his cufflinks, keys, and change at the end of the night.
Leather liquor bottle labels – Help your dad keep his liquor classy.
Citronella candles – Perfect for keeping the mosquitoes away while doing outdoor dad activities like barbecuing or camping.

And of course there’s always food. Some brown butter sugar cookies, salted peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, or cardamom berry oatmeal crumble bars probably would be a hit if your dad has a sweet tooth. (I brought some of those brown butter sugar cookies to my non-vegan dad, and my mom said she had to hide them to make sure there were some left for her.)

Weekend Inspiration

garden peonies
Happy Friday! This week I harvested my first bouquet of peonies from my yard. They’re so puffy and swoon-worthy, I love them! Seriously tempted to plant a lot more peonies this year, but I’m running out of room. What’s your favorite flower for bouquets, and do you grow your own?

Speaking of flowers, love this fantastic embroidery art, and the statement.

Whoa, did you know that if you turn on keyboard shortcuts in your settings, you can do a bunch of stuff in gmail with a single key? Sounds handy, so I just turned it on to try it out myself. (May not be recommended if you have a cat that walks on your keyboard, though.)

This chocolate mousse raspberry tart looks amaaazing. Can’t wait for raspberry season to start!

More proof that everything, even a plant potting bench, looks better in Millennial pink.

If the above link has you wanting to build a potting bench of your very own, here are some free plans for a simple potting bench.

Make a cute hanging copper plant pot.

Yesterday I read this fascinating story about forgotten Muslim WWII heroine Noor Inayat Khan, and I couldn’t get it out of my head, and then I read about Arlene Violet, a former nun who became the attorney general of Rhode Island. What amazing women!