Easy Last-Minute Foraged Thanksgiving Table Decor

This year when it comes to Thanksgiving, I’m on top of the food, but I kind of forgot about the decor. The other day I realized that I should figure out my Thanksgiving tablescape situation, and started trying to come up with easy table decor that can be thrown together at the last minute. Driving to a busy grocery store or florist really didn’t sound appealing, so I decided to forage for my tablescape.

Foraged Thanksgiving tablescape flowers

Foraging gives you an excuse to go outside and take a walk, challenges your creativity, and is basically free, so what’s not to like? Put someone else in charge of minding the oven, grab some clippers, and go hunt and gather your own decor.

Thanksgiving tablescape flowers

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Foraging and tablescape tips

Vegan Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

This weekend I need to decide what I’m making for Thanksgiving, and make a list to shop for the ingredients. When the whole family is together, my parents always make pumpkin pie and apple pie for Thanksgiving dessert, so for me the holiday isn’t complete without pie. And there’s no reason that anyone has to miss out on dessert, because with the right recipes and ingredients, vegan baking is no harder than regular baking. This past week we were visiting my grandma in Arizona, and my mom veganized her coffee cake recipe on the fly by replacing the egg with applesauce and the butter with olive oil. We were all surprised that it was so easy to convert, and just as delicious as the conventional version. In fact she said using olive oil instead of butter for the streusel topping was easier. (I should get the recipe from her and share it here.) But if you don’t want to risk converting a recipe you already have, you could start with one of these dessert recipes that look perfect for Thanksgiving.

Row 1: Pecan pie bars | Salted caramel apple pie
Row 2: No bake vegan blackberry raspberry cheesecake | Apple gingerbread cake
Row 3: Pear galette with rooibos vanilla glaze | Mini pumpkin pecan pies
Row 4: Vegan gluten-free pumpkin pie | No bake peanut butter pie

That salted caramel apple pie is calling my name, so I may have to try that one. What are you making for Thanksgiving dessert?

Need a Thanksgiving dessert that vegans can enjoy, too? Here are some plant-based recipes. #vegan

12 Plant-Based Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

This is my first vegan Thanksgiving, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to make. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving, or just bringing a dish to an event, it can be tricky to figure out what to make for traditionally meat-centric holiday meals when you’re serving people with restricted diets. The ideal dish is something seasonal that’s also festive and special. Here are some of the options I’ve come up with. These are all main dishes and sides, so I may have to do another round-up of dessert options, because vegans need dessert, too. 🙂

Plant-based vegan Thanksgiving recipe ideas everyone can enjoy.

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Faux Fireplace Mantel Before

Or, making the best of an awkward door.

One of the only things that Steven and I both wish was different about our house is the lack of a fireplace. But a couple of weeks ago I was looking at a tiny awkward attic access door in our top floor, and the idea popped into my head that I could cover it with a faux fireplace mantel. My brain immediately started buzzing with the possibilities. Here’s the door:

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