My Favorite Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces

Have you guys been following the Fall One Room Challenge? I like to think of it as playoffs for people who care more about design than professional sports. Except instead of a competition, it’s a supportive community. It’s a goal of mine to participate one day, but for now I’m just appreciating all of the hard work and beautiful results of the people who did.

Today I’m highlighting the work of the guest designers because they don’t get the kind of attention (or sponsored products) that the featured designers do, but some of them do amazing work with impressively small budgets. Which means lots of hardcoare, inspiring DIY. So while there are lots more great rooms that I could have called out, here are 6 of my favorite spaces from the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge guest designers

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Vegan No-Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Since cold and flu season is almost upon us (PSA: get a flu shot, if you haven’t yet!), I’m sharing this recipe for vegan no-chicken noodle soup just in case you need a comforting bowl of soup to help you make it through. It’s hot, easy, full of veggies, and I think it tastes just like traditional chicken noodle soup. 

This comforting vegan no-chicken noodle soup can be made on the stovetop, or in a slow cooker.
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My Former Office

Custom pipe bookshelves

Recently I’ve been making plans for the room that was formerly my office, but which will be a nursery/baby room in the near future. After I had already moved my desk out of the room and into the basement, I realized that I’ve never really shown the space here. So I wanted to give you a peek at the space before I totally change it up, and get some input on a few design ideas. 

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DIY Halloween Terrarium

DIY Halloween terrarium

After I finished making this little Begonia rex kokedama last week, I started thinking about how the dark purple leaves would make it a good fit for a Halloween terrarium. So I spent a few minutes styling this one up, and I have to admit that it turned out really fun. Want to make your own? Here are some quick instructions. 

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Weekend Inspiration

This weekend I have plenty of projects I’d love to take on. My yard needs to be cleaned up to prep for the winter (and I’m going to plant garlic and fava beans), I have some things I need to make for Curbly and this blog, and I even want to start tackling some nursery plans. But even though I’m feeling pretty good these days relative to the first trimester, fatigue tends to slow me down quite a bit. Plus I have to stop and eat constantly, ha! It’s kind of frustrating for someone who’s used to getting more done, but understandable that my body is busy with other work. 

Speaking of, this article about our culture’s disdain towards motherhood definitely had me re-examining some of my attitudes and assumptions about women who are mothers. It’s worth a read, even if you’re not a mother, because of what it points out about attitudes towards women in our society. 

This patterned vase is a cool DIY take on a fun trend. 

I really enjoyed this piece on life lessons from older women

After writing this roundup of modern rattan pieces, I kind of want to add a few to my home. Are you tempted?

Recently while on a trip I stumbled upon this book, and I was so impressed that I ordered a copy as soon as I got home. It’s super inspiring, and even though I’m not even halfway done reading it, I already want to re-invent my whole look. 

This vegan deep dish veggie pizza looks amazing. Definitely need to try it soon!

How to Make Kokedama Plant Moss Balls

Kokedama moss ball

Years ago, I saw instructions on how to make kokedama, plants with their roots wrapped in moss, and I’ve been meaning to try it ever since. Over the years I saw the project pop up again and again, but the instructions always seemed a bit intimidating. So when I saw that a free class on how to make kokedama was happening in Portland, I jumped on the opportunity. And it turned out to be way easier then I expected! Here is what I learned about making your own kokedama.

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