Closet Hacking, Part 1

Hope you don’t mind, but this week I’m skipping my usual weekend inspiration post to fill you in a bit on what I’ve been up to lately. My all-consuming project has been improving my walk-in bedroom closet. For a while now it hasn’t been working for me. You can tell by how sloppy I let it get. Here’s the before:

My closet, pre-makeover

So I’m giving it a makeover. It involves a bit of construction, and some serious Ikea hacks.
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Coconut Cashew Vegan Greek Yogurt

When I decided to stop eating dairy and eggs and go fully vegan in 2017, two big things I knew I’d miss were cheese, and yogurt. Greek yogurt with granola and fruit was kind of a go-to quick meal or snack for me. So I immediately tried some commercial vegan yogurt, and wasn’t impressed. There is no Greek vegan yogurt on the market that I could find, and the regular, non-Greek ones just weren’t cutting it. Not surprisingly, the next step for me was to try to figure out a DIY version. I tested out several recipes before deciding I’d have to come up with my own. My experiments finally led me to create this coconut cashew vegan Greek yogurt recipe, which results in a Greek-style yogurt that is thick, tangy, and really delicious.
Coconut Cashew Vegan Greek Yogurt

It makes a killer vegan yogurt parfait, especially with my homemade coconut ginger almond granola, or chocolate coconut granola.
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Weekend Inspiration

If you follow my instagram, you already know this, but I recently came home to a nice surprise in my mailbox. I’d been contacted months ago about some of my photos appearing in Idées Déco, a francophone magazine published in Quebec, Canada, and when I pulled a copy of the magazine out of my mail, I saw that one of my photos of my concrete and gold plant pots was on the cover. Since I don’t speak French, I can’t read it, but it looks like it’s filled with lots of inspiring DIY ideas, and great company to be in.

Colette Patterns just released an updated version of their free Sorbetto pattern, which would be a perfect spring wardrobe builder, even if you’re a beginning sewer.

Upgrade a plain mirror with copper leaf.

These DIY eye paperclips look like they would be a great jumping-off point for some fun projects.

Recently bought [affiliate links, I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links] this pink plant pot, which is a great color, very sturdy, and surprisingly inexpensive, especially for Anthropologie. (And with a 20% discount for Anthro members, even more affordable right now.)

Closet organization is at the front of my mind right now, so this DIY hanging bag rack really caught my eye.

If hanging storage won’t work, how about some storage boxes? These campaign-style boxes are a stylish storage solution.

Fun, easy statement tassel earrings.