Weekend Inspiration

Keep it spooky with these DIY black Halloween skull planters.

Happy Friday! This weekend looks much more promising than the last one. At the end of last week I discovered that my blog had been hacked, so I spent a bunch of my weekend dealing with that. If you had trouble accessing this site, or got redirected to spam, I apologize! I think the problem is all solved now, so this weekend I have much more fun plans, like going wine-tasting with some friends.

Are you guys gearing up for Halloween yet? The other day I was at Michael’s, and saw that they were already majorly discounting their Halloween stuff and bring in Christmas decorations. Yikes, too soon! But they had the same glass skulls I used for the above skull planters last year, and they were only $3 each, so grab a few while you still can. (I’m also a major sucker for their Halloween laboratory glassware, which was also on sale.)

Oh my gosh, you can rent these dreamy tree houses by the night, and if the pictures don’t make you want to spend a night in a tree house, I don’t know what will. This amazing tree house is actually in a backyard in my neighborhood, and I can’t say I’m not jealous of the kids who get to stay in it. 

Have you ever made cinnamon rolls? Recently I got a craving for cinnamon rolls, and the only vegan ones I could find in town were good, but didn’t quite hit the mark for me. I think I might have to try this (supposedly easy) vegan cinnamon roll recipe

Kind of in love with these female form vases.

This upholstered headboard project is making me wish I needed another headboard in my life. 

Have you ever done a major remodel? I haven’t, but someday, when we tackle remodeling the bathrooms at our house, I am definitely going to refer back to this great list of renovation tips and advice from a mother-daughter house-flipping team.  

Decorating a Fall Mantel

Fall mantel with eucalyptus, and white and jade pumpkins

This week, for the first time ever, I decorated a fall mantel. It was fun and easy, and I recommend giving it a try even if you’ve never done it before! Here’s my step-by-step guide on how to replicate this look, plus how to make cheap plastic fake pumpkins look a lot classier.

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My Guest Room Updates

After being sick for a while, yesterday I FINALLY felt a little bit more like my normal self, so I got my butt in gear and snapped some photos of our updated guest room. It’s not too different, but there are a couple of tweaks that I think really improved the space. 

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Weekend Inspiration

Sorry for taking an unannounced blogging hiatus. Last week there was a death in my family, and the situation has been really stressful. When it rains, it pours, so I’ve also been sick for a while, and all of the above, plus the general state of the world, has really been sapping my creativity and energy. But I’ve been slowly chipping away at some projects, so hopefully those will be ready to share soon! In the meantime, here are some inspiring links I’ve come across recently.

Lately I’ve been watching this addictive YouTube series by Bon Appétit called Gourmet Makes, where a pastry chef attempts to create gourmet recipes for processed junk food like gushers and cheetos. Watch out, it might make you hungry! I haven’t eaten a Twinkie in years, but this episode gave me a desperate craving for one. You better believe I started googling vegan Twinkie recipes as soon as the episode ended–thinking of trying this one

Although I haven’t talked about it much here, my husband Steven is a video game designer. I wrote about the surprising overlap between game design and interior design in this article for Curbly.  

Pretty sure my cats need one (they’d probably argue two) of these cool pyramid cat houses

These rose strawberry wine pops sound like just what the doctor ordered.

What do you think about Domino’s interior trend predictions for fall 2018? Maybe they’re totally accurate, but personally I’m not super enthusiastic about any of them. 

Now that fall is almost here, I’ve been thinking about knitting a little bit, and this herringbone stitch caught my eye. What would you use it to make? 

My birthday is next week, so you better believe I was all over this list of 13 fun things to do for your birthday. There are some great ideas here even if you’re not celebrating a birthday, but just want to treat yourself. 

Love this colorful jungalow makeover that Justina Blakeney and her sister did for their parents. 

Overhauling the Most Embarrassing Area in My House

Do you have an area of your home that is so embarrassing that you don’t want anyone to see it? The most embarrassing area in my house is a tough competition, between a few spots I’ve never shared here. The contenders are the main floor bathroom, the garage, and the basement. Although the bathroom is quite ugly and desperately needs a renovation, and the garage definitely needs some work, too, the winner, by far, is the basement. It’s so bad that I’m not even sharing pictures yet, because I need to clean it up before I take the “before” photos. But I have big plans to make it better, and I’d love your suggestions!

Craft room inspiration
Definitely not my craft room.
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Store Your Jewelry on a DIY Bracelet Storage Display Bar

Since DIY jewelry is one of my favorite things to make, it’s not surprising that I have a big collection to organize. While I’ve shared my solutions for DIY earring storage and necklace storage, I’ve neglected bracelet storage. You could store some types of bracelets on the necklace racks I made, but not the cuffs. So before I leave the world of jewelry storage for a while, I’m sharing how I made an upcycled DIY bracelet storage display bar. It also works for storing watches!

This DIY bracelet storage display is an elegant, simple way to organize your jewelry. #DIY #organization #jewelry #DIYjewelry #homedecor
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