Weekend Inspiration

vegan plum blackberry thyme galette
Happy Friday! Did you know that if you mix yogurt with a chopped up piece of fruit galette, that turns it from dessert into breakfast? Trust me, it’s true! Yesterday I made this vegan plum blackberry thyme galette with plums from the tree in my front yard, blackberries from the alley behind my house, and thyme from my garden. I was planning to share the recipe, but this one leaked a lot of juice, so I’m not sure it was picture-worthy. I might have to make another this weekend. (Too bad, so sad.)

Looking for art on canvas so I can try making one of these easy floating frames.

Love this DIY herringbone wood wall.

This free printable temporary tattoo is so pretty.

Can I please go hang out on this patio all weekend, and then clean up in this garden shower? K thanks!

Pretty sure I need to make one of these magical mini moss gardens.

Weekend Inspiration

The Corson Building

After spending last weekend in Seattle for my sister’s wedding (that’s the very charming wedding location above, The Corson Building), I’ve been playing catch-up this week. So much so, that Steven and I both forgot our own wedding anniversary, ha! It’s ok, we just celebrated a couple of days late. If everyone involved forgets, there are no hurt feelings, and it’s canceled out.  Have you ever forgotten an important date like that?

These painted wood beads are lovely (they remind me of jawbreakers candy), and they’re a great way to use up nailpolish you don’t wear any more.

What fun geometric coasters.

This wood planter stand looks perfect for adding more plants to your home, and the instructions make it seem quite easy to build (in French–Google translate it!).

…And another way to display plants, this time on a DIY plant ladder.

The matriarchal culture of the Chinese Musuo people sounds fascinating, and these pictures of Musuo women are gorgeous.

Bottle the scent of roses by making your own rosewater.