Weekend Inspiration

Melbourne, Australia
Hello, and happy Friday! Or Saturday, for me, because I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia, where it’s 18 hours later than my usual time zone. (Time zones are weird, especially when you cross the international date line.) I’ll be here for the next week, hopefully hitting up some spots I missed the last time I visited. I’d love any recommendations, if you have them. So while there will be no DIY projects or work getting done on my end this weekend, here is what caught my eye before I jetted off halfway-around-the-world.

These cat-patterned pumpkins are too cute.

Yum, these spiced hot chocolate truffles look delicious.

These pumpkins sporting vintage art look like a fun, no-carve option.

The use of color in this charming house is super inspiring.

Creepy DIY Halloween Wreath

Last week I went to the hardware store, and the Halloween stuff was already being replaced with Christmas decorations. We haven’t even gotten through Halloween yet, and what about Thanksgiving?? I’m still working on my Halloween decor, and if you’re in the same boat, this easy DIY Halloween wreath is for you.
Creepy DIY Halloween Wreath

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Mushroom Mole Black Bean Tacos (Vegan)

I don’t quite remember why, but a couple of weeks ago my husband Steven got hyped up about mushroom mole. We happened to have a bunch of mushrooms in the fridge, and came up with the idea of him making some mushroom mole in the slow cooker. He doesn’t cook very often, so after we found a recipe as a starting point, I got out of the way and let him go for it. And as soon as I tasted his flavorful mushroom mole, I realized that I needed to share the recipe here.
Make these mushroom mole black bean tacos in the slow cooker for an easy, flavorful vegan meal.
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Weekend Inspiration

skull + plants

Happy Friday (the 13th)! How did this week go by so fast? This weekend I’ll hopefully finally be finishing the catio I’ve been building for my cats. It got held up this week by some extremely rainy weather that I could have worked through, but didn’t. The next few days should be nicer, which means that it’s also the perfect time for fall bulb planting for spring flowers.

Pretty plant printing.

This upholstered bench is such a great way to re-use an old rug.

Get me a pile of these loaded green vegan nachos, stat!

I love moss, so it’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of this moss embroidery.

Speaking of moss, this moss wreath is another great way to use it in decor.