House Tweaking: Paint and Polish

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of house tweaking, by which I mean relatively small home improvement projects that I can finish in a weekend, or even just a few minutes. Big, dramatic makeovers are satisfying, but expensive and time-consuming, so these are like little snacks between the meals. Just like snacks, though, they can really add up to make a huge difference. So I thought I’d share some of the tweaks I’ve made to our upstairs with a bit of paint and polish. Here’s part of the space after the tweaks:

Lounge with hanging rattan chair and plants. #houseplants #plants

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How I Made My Own DIY Abstract Art

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen me post about the DIY abstract art workshop I went to last week taught by artist Maja Dlugolecki. This was literally the first time that I had ever painted anything other than a wall or object, but I liked how some of my art turned out so much that I decided to frame it and hang it up. If nothing else, it’s a reminder to me to get out of my own head, let go of preconceptions, and get creative. (Plus I like the colors.)

Even if you've never painted, don't be afraid to try painting your own DIY abstract art pieces. #art #AbstractArt #DIY #DIYart #decoration #walldecor

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Spring Plant Wishlist & DIY Ideas

February has been unseasonably warm and non-rainy for Portland, so I’ve got plants on my mind a little earlier than normal this year. Since it’s still too soon to really get into the outdoor gardening (it might snow next week!), I’ll just concentrate on houseplants for now. Did you know that your indoor plants can really benefit from spring cleaning? Last year I wrote a plant spring-cleaning guide to help you get your plants ready to take advantage of the growing light. If any of your leafy friends need new pots, I found some cute ones to buy or DIY.
spring plant wishlist

Brass planter | Ceramic rope hanging planters | Terra cotta pots | Watering can | Black hanging hoop planter | Pink fluted pot | Mister

Love this use of pegboards to display hanging plants by Oh Joy.
Pegboard planters from Oh Joy

I’m dying to make these cool cube wall planters from Craftifair (unless you speak German, you’ll probably need Google translate for this one).

Cube hanging planters

These concrete and gold leaf planters are still one of my favorite projects I’ve made.

Concrete and Gold DIY Plant Pots


These diamond-shaped hanging planters by Deuce Cities Henhouse would be a fun weekend project.

This one requires some wood-working skills, but if you’re ready to tackle something more complicated, you can build this A-frame ladder plant stand. Just imagine how many plants you could fit on that!

plant ladder


P.S. Think you’ve got a black thumb? I wrote this guide on how not to kill your houseplants for you! If you’re like, “Pshaw, I know how to keep my plants alive,” maybe you want some tips on how to multiply your plants (aka propagate them).

DIY Hand Sconce Light Fixture

Last weekend after Steven and I finished painting our upstairs, I looked at the space and realized that it needed more light sources, especially near this rocking chair. So I made this fun hand sconce light fixture. If you use a pre-made corded light, this is a quick and easy DIY project with tons of possibilities, but you can totally customize it if you wire your own light. And of course you can play around with how the hand holds the light.

Make a playful DIY hand sconce light fixture to hold your light. #decor #DIY #homedecor #home #lighting

I love this light fixture as a reading light next to a chair, but wouldn’t it be cute as a bedside lamp?

Make a playful DIY hand sconce light fixture to hold your light. #decor #DIY #homedecor #home #lighting


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