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Breakfast Nook Makeover Progress: Paint, Fabric and Light Update

Since the last update on my breakfast nook makeover, I’ve made a bunch of progress! Fairly subtle progress, but it was stuff that needed to get done before the project is finished. I did some painting, picked out fabric for the cushions, and found a new shade for the light. Oh, and re-styled the shelves […]

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How I Put Together An Inexpensive Mini Gallery Wall

Good news: I’ve made more progress on my breakfast nook makeover! Per my inspiration, I knew that I wanted a little gallery wall of three black-framed pieces. But I didn’t quite know what kind of art I wanted. Original art is usually pretty expensive, and although there are great sites selling affordable prints, I’m impatient, […]

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Kitchen Open Shelves Spring Re-Style

This weekend I decided that along with spring cleaning my plants, I should do some cleaning of the rest of my house. But do you know what’s more fun than cleaning? Anything. Re-styling your shelves! And that’s how I ended up giving my kitchen open shelves a little spring refresh.

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