Chocolate Mousse Tarts with Salted Oat Crust

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be a good excuse to experiment with vegan baking. Aside from cheese, the eggs and butter in baked goods were the main animal products in my diet, so I have a lot to learn when it comes to baking without them. But these vegan chocolate mousse tarts with salted oat crust prove that eating vegan doesn’t mean going without dessert.

These vegan chocolate mousse tarts with salted oat crust would make an amazing Valentine's Day dessert, but they're easy enough for an everyday treat

Also, when else do you really have an excuse to make heart-shaped food? Of course you could do it whenever you want, but that might be a bit much for most of us. Last year I made heart-shaped pizza, so it’s practically a tradition now.

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Weekend Inspiration

feminist reading

This week I had a bad cold, but I’m feeling much better already, and ready to enjoy the weekend. I just googled “when is the super bowl,” to verify whether it’s tomorrow, so I will continue my lifetime streak of never watching it. But Steven and I have a list of movies currently in theaters that we want to see (Hidden Figures, 20th Century Women, Paterson, and Julieta), and we might try to catch a couple of those over the next few days. Pretty low-key, but sometimes that’s just the sort of weekend you need.

This marbled drip cake is so pretty!

How to avoid being psychologically destroyed by your newsfeed is a necessary read for many of us right now.

If I was in the market for $500 silk pajamas, these would totally be mine.

Just finished knitting a hat (ok, well, almost–I still have to weave in my ends), and this silk sweater is high on the list of my next potential knitting projects.

What you need to know about growing areca palm plants.

Give your skin a treat with this homemade ginger chamomile salt scrub.

Entryway Bench Storage Hack

When actual cold and snowy winter weather arrived a few weeks ago, Steven and I dug out our real winter gear. Since winter is generally pretty mild here most of the time, you might not think we’d have much, but from skiing/snowboard, and living in Boston for a year, we have a pretty big stockpile. And it made our entryway into a huge mess. My storage ladder helped, but it didn’t work for hats and big gloves. I was trying to figure out a good storage solution, and then I saw a bench with baskets on the underside. So I set out to come up with a bench storage hack for our entryway. It was surprisingly easy!
Need more entryway storage? This easy bench storage hack can help you get organized.
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Weekend Inspiration

Is it just me, or is everybody not getting much done lately? I feel like productivity is really suffering because people are totally distracted by this national disaster of a presidency. That’s what I’m blaming for how hard it was to find links to share today. But never fear, I found some cool projects!

If you need some encouragement, this free printable poster is here to put some pep in your step.

How to upgrade the plastic cord on a lamp to a cloth-covered version.

Wow, this painted dropcloth rug is so inspiring.

This giant pegboard is a fun solution to fill a big wall.

These chair covers are really cool, plus they help refugees and the environment.  The solid-colored ones would be a great ethical replacement for the ubiquitous sheepskin.