Weekend Inspiration

Happy Friday! My weekend is going to be truncated, because on Sunday I’ll be flying out to see my grandma in Arizona. That means that I have to pack everything I usually do over two days into one! Double the brunches, double the projects. (Kidding…mostly.)

These ideas for how to add character to your walls with different types of mouldings and paneling are so inspiring. Which is your favorite?

These DIY activated charcoal bath salts sound like they’d be really good for your skin.

Oh my gosh, when can I move into this Paris apartment?

I can only dream of my craft supplies being this organized.

My Melbourne Travel Guide

Last week I got back from my second visit to Melbourne, Australia, and I want to share some of the places I recommend there, in case you ever get the chance to go (you should!). It is a really cool, inspiring place, and definitely one of my favorite cities I’ve visited.

Melbourne travel guide


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Pack Light: 8 Tips for the Carry-On Lifestyle

With Thanksgiving and Christmas travel just around the corner, I figured I would share some tips on how to pack light that I’ve picked up over the years. Trust me, as I learned on my recent trip to Australia, your air travel will be so much easier if you can avoid checking luggage!

Tips on how to pack light with just carry-on bags. Your air travel will be so much faster and easier if you avoid checking luggage!

Do you have any packing tips that you swear by? Please spill the beans!

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Weekend Inspiration

Melbourne, Australia
Hello, and happy Friday! Or Saturday, for me, because I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia, where it’s 18 hours later than my usual time zone. (Time zones are weird, especially when you cross the international date line.) I’ll be here for the next week, hopefully hitting up some spots I missed the last time I visited. I’d love any recommendations, if you have them. So while there will be no DIY projects or work getting done on my end this weekend, here is what caught my eye before I jetted off halfway-around-the-world.

These cat-patterned pumpkins are too cute.

Yum, these spiced hot chocolate truffles look delicious.

These pumpkins sporting vintage art look like a fun, no-carve option.

The use of color in this charming house is super inspiring.