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DIY Inspiration

Options for Re-Covering a Leather Pouf

If it isn’t obvious from my many re-use projects, I’m a waste-not-want-not kind of person. Getting rid of anything without at least considering how I could upcycle or re-make it is pretty impossible for me (sorry, Marie Kondo!). So even though I haven’t had a good spot in my house for this scratched-up Moroccan leather […]

DIY Inspiration

Fantastic Plastic: Acrylic Statement Earrings

It’s been kind of a while since I’ve been excited about a fashion trend, but I really like the resin/acrylic statement earrings that are coming out for spring this year. It should come as no surprise that I have a DIY version in the works, but until then, here are some acrylic earrings available for […]

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