Spring-Inspired Necklace


Spring-Inspired Necklace

If you just look out the window at the blue skies and sunshine around here, it’s easy to pretend that spring is nearly here. That’s if you don’t go outside and realize that the temperature is oh, about 18 degrees. No warm spring breezes here. So I decided to make my own little bit of spring in the form of this necklace. It’s made of stray beads leftover from other projects and some salvaged thriftstore chains. The fatter top chain was actually a bracelet missing its clasp. I wanted something chunky and colorful and cheery, and I think this fits the bill perfectly. Can’t you imagine it with a cute little spring dress and wedge sandals?

How about this one?

With these shoes:

That groundhog said we’d have an early spring this year–let’s hope he’s right!

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