Wrapped Thread Earrings Tutorial

Wrapped Thread Earrings Tutorial

It seems like I’ve been getting some new visitors in the last week or so, and if you’re one of them, welcome! Please feel free to check out my previous tutorials, and don’t hesitate to leave me comments!

Now on to this week’s tutorial. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of thread-wrapped accessories, so I decided to make my own earrings using this technique. They turned out so cute (and perfect for summer!) that I’m tempted to make a pair to match every outfit.

Top row: Both earrings, Anthropologie Swathed Hoops
Middle row: J.Crew headband (no longer available), Lela Rose Thread-Wrapped Bead Necklace, Juicy Couture Wanderlust Thread Wrap Hoop Earrings.
Bottom row: J.Crew Amina belt, Urban Outfitters earrings

Earring hoops (such as these)
Earring hooks
Embroidery thread
Clear nailpolish
Needlenose pliers


1. My hoops came with one end in a loop, and the other straight. If yours are the same kind, bend the straight end into a loop using your wire. (Note: If you want to add beads on top of the thread, do this step last, after you’ve added the beads.)

2. Start wrapping thread around your hoop. This is a little tricky to start, but the best way I found was to try to make a little knot around the hoop and then wrap the thread around itself. After you’ve wrapped the thread around the hoop a few times, put a drop of clear nailpolish on the thread where you began wrapping.

3. Add another color of thread the same way you began the first one, but tie the thread on top of the first color, and continue wrapping the new color around both the hoop and the first thread. Alternate colors whenever you feel like, wrapping the new color around both the hoop and the thread that isn’t currently in use.

4. When you get to the end, tie the two threads in a knot and add a drop of clear nailpolish on top of the knot. After it has dried, trim the threads.

5. Repeat for the second hoop, then add jumprings at the top of each hoop and attach ear wires/hooks to the jumprings.

If you want you could add beads between steps 4 and 5, but I left mine plain.

thread hoop earrings

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