Two-Tone Glitter Nails

Two-Tone Glitter Nails

If you read any fashion magazines or blogs, you would have hardly been able to avoid seeing these Miu Miu booties and their various permutations. Since I don’t have nearly $1000 to spend on these or any other shoes, I decided to give myself a manicure inspired by them, instead. I know I’ve linked to fancy manicures in the past, but I’ve mostly stuck to single-color nails because the last time I tried to get more complicated it was kind of a mess. I was trying to do a half-moon manicure with the clear hole-protectors, which are much stickier than the white kind and tore off the first layer of polish. But with the right materials, this manicure isn’t hard at all.

Silver metallic glittery nailpolish
Coral pink nailpolish
Fast-drying topcoat
Hole protectors (the white kind, not the clear kind!)


1. Paint two layers with the silver nailpolish. I recommend not using one with big pieces of glitter, since the second layer of pink might not go on smoothly over chunky glitter. Let dry completely.
glitter miu miu bootie inspired manicure

2. Cut a slit in each hole protector and place them on the bases of your nails.
glitter miu miu bootie inspired manicure

3. Paint two layers with the pink nailpolish. Let dry completely, then carefully peel off the hole protectors. Do any necessary touch-up.
glitter miu miu bootie inspired manicure
4. Paint your nails with a topcoat.

glitter miu miu bootie inspired manicure

glitter miu miu bootie inspired manicure

Try different color combos! The shoes come in black + gold, black + silver, yellow + silver, pink + gold, pistachio + gold, pishachio + silver, and probably even more combos that I don’t know about, but which would all make lovely manicures. I can’t wait to try out the other nail versions!

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