DIY Painted Shoes

DIY Painted Shoes

Several months ago I saw the above pair of hot pink shoes, and I was disappointed when I realized that they were sold out. As the months went by I kept wishing that they were part of my wardrobe, so I decided to make my own. I gave an inexpensive pair of flats a makeover with some spray paint, and now I have a pair of shoes that will be perfect for spring. Here’s how I did it.

spray painted brogues/shoes

Pair of shoes (Mine are fake leather)
Spraypaint (I used Krylon Gloss in “Watermelon”)
Nailpolish remover
Cotton pads/balls
Masking paint


1. Prepare your shoes for painting by swabbing them all over with nailpolish remover. I’ve also read that you can use isopropyl alcohol, aka rubbing alcohol, for this step. If you have laces, remove them and tape off the soles and anywhere else you don’t want painted with masking tape. Stuff the shoes with wads of newspaper. If you can’t pull the tongues out of the shoes completely, press them out with the wads of newspaper so that they are exposed to the paint as much as possible.

spray painted brogues/shoes
2. Following the instructions on your can, spray with several light coats of paint. The exact number of coats will depend on the original color of the shoes and the color of paint, but mine took at least six coats.
spray painted brogues/shoes

spray painted brogues/shoes

spray painted brogues/shoes

3. Let dry overnight (at least) and lace ’em up.

spray painted brogues/shoes

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8 thoughts on “DIY Painted Shoes

  1. *begs* Please tell me– how did you keep the paint from cracking? I tried with a pair, and as soon as I wore them, the paint flaked off where I walked.

    1. Hey Jane, the paint hasn’t flaked off yet, but I only wore them briefly. Now that you mention it I am concerned it will, so maybe I will give them a protective coating of some sort to help prevent cracking. But I’ll update this post if I find it’s a problem/figure out a solution.

  2. I just spray painted a similar pair of boots. I really love the way they look (I with blue and black), but I’m already noticing some cracking. Did yours ever crack? I didn’t use ball polish remover so maybe that was my problem?

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