Sunday Street Style

Sunday Street Style

In order to pick out street style photos for these weekly round-ups, I subscribe to a couple dozen street style blogs in Google Reader (not all of them update every week). As I scroll through the photos, I often get frustrated at seeing the same fashion-insiders over and over. Don’t get me wrong, many times I  love the looks that models and fashion magazine editors put together, but they’re not why I like street style. I like to see what (relatively) ordinary people wear, people who aren’t model-thin or working with clothing budgets larger than my rent. It seems like street style blogs started as a way to celebrate the fashion outside the magazine pages, on the streets, but more and more the people being photographed are just recognizable faces who wear outlandish trends ripped from the headlines of the very magazines they edit or style. Yes, I can (and do) just skip over the photos of the same lady with the black bowlcut or the off-duty model/dj, but I just wish there was a lot more diversity in some of the street style sites out there.
That’s my rant for the week. Surely I can’t be the only one who feels this way?

Top row: Stockholm Streetstyle, The Locals
Middle row: Streetstyle Aesthetic, Fashionist
Bottom row: Facehunter, Stockholm Streetstyle

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Street Style

  1. Absolutely, I do feel that way. I feel like hel-looks does the best job of featuring the types of looks/bodies/people I’d like to see… but of course we seem to also have similar taste in fashion blogs/outfits, so! 🙂

    1. Iris, yes, hel-looks is good! I only wish there were more of that sort of street style blogs in other cities.

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