Sunday Street Style

Sunday Street Style

Looking at street style shots from San Francisco on The Fashionist reminded me of one of the reasons I’m glad to be back in Portland: Real Summer. Summer weather where you actually sweat and can wear cute little sundresses without freezing, as opposed to the many layers that the lady on the top left is wearing. The very same website also reminded me of reasons to miss San Francisco, including the presence of Ms. Catie of the blog Cuffington and Dronning Vintage. At least through the power of the internet I can keep in touch (and see what she’s wearing), and I don’t even have to bundle up to do it.

Top row: The Fashionist, Stockholm Streetstyle
Middle row: Fashionistable, The Fashionist
Bottom row: Dam Style, The Fashionist

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Street Style

  1. Dude! It has been so unpredictable lately. I have Portland’s weather on my iPhone and often check to compare. It is SO nice up here there this time of year. And thanks for using my photo, I’m so flattered to be included in your round-up!

    1.  Catie, you always look fabulous, so I was happy when you popped up on The Fashionist. And yeah, we’re enjoying nice weather now, but I”ll be jealous of you when it’s in the 70’s there in the middle of the rainy season here. Ahh, tradeoffs 🙂

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