DIY Denim Cut-Offs


DIY Denim Cut-Offs

Recently I decided that I needed a pair of simple denim cut-off shorts to help me enjoy the summer weather. But finding a pair I liked wasn’t so easy. I scoured thrift stores for the perfect pair before I finally realized I’d need to DIY (of course!). These are the shorts I started with:

First I cut off the hems, and then, since I didn’t like the color at all, I gave them a bath in bleach. I wanted kind of a blotchy effect, so I mixed some bleach in water in a tub, then added the shorts and kind of dribbled more bleach onto them before mixing it into the water. Luckily I managed to get the look I was after.

I washed and dried them to remove the bleach and help fray the hems, and then I added a bit of additional distressing with a razor blade and cheese grater. I also snipped an inch up the the side seams and added a little stud on each side.

I’m kind of debating whether I should distress them more or add more studs. What do you think? Would you do more, or leave them as-is?

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6 thoughts on “DIY Denim Cut-Offs

  1. I’m a go big or go home person, so I personally would add more studs to the backpockets and distress the front more. probably with some frayed rips. I’ve watch
    ed a video tutorial on youtube by Mr. Kate yesterday that was quite helpful.

  2. I personally like my cut-offs with a little more fringe (1970s style) but that will happen naturally with a couple washes.  🙂 They’re very cute. Nice job.

    1.  Thanks Christine! Yeah, I’m hoping for more natural fraying, but maybe I’ll help speed up a the process a little. Thanks for the advice!

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