DIY Glitter Feathers Garland

This DIY project was definitely inspired by this glittered feathers project from Frankie magazine. I started trying to think of things I could do with glitter feathers, and this is what I came up with. The tone-on-tone glitter is pretty subtle, but for a more noticeable look you could definitely use gold or silver glitter or more colorful feathers. I bet silver glitter with white feathers would be great for holiday decorating.

Glue stick
Invisible thread (you could probably also use fishing line, though I haven’t tried it)
Sewing needle
Plate or bowl
Scrap paper

glitter feathers garland
1. With your feather on top of a piece of scrap paper, use a glue stick to apply a layer of glue to the area you want the glitter to stick.
glitter feathers garland
2. Place your feather on a plate or bowl and sprinkle glitter onto the wet glue until it’s thoroughly coated. Shake the excess glitter off onto the plate.
glitter feathers garland
glitter feathers garland
3. Continue until you’ve glittered all of your feathers. You can actually glue-and-glitter two or three at a time. Set aside to dry.
glitter feathers garland
glitter feathers garland
4. Cut about 1 foot per feather of invisible thread. Leaving an 18 inch tail, tie a small knot, and then use the needle to string on a feather. Tie a knot right after the feather. Then measure 6 inches, tie another small knot, and add another feather followed by another knot. Continue in this way until you’ve strung all of your feathers.
glitter feathers garland
5. Hang your feathers from nails or with tape. They should be pretty lightweight, and thanks to the invisible thread they’ll look like they’re floating.
glitter feathers garland

Next I think I want to try to make a feather mobile!

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